resignation syndrome

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Resignation syndrome (in Swedish Uppgivenhetssyndrom) is a dissociative syndrome that induces a catatonic state. This disorder mainly affects young people who have suffered psychological trauma. Depicted as a culture-bound syndrome, it has chiefly been observed in Sweden among children of asylum seekers from former Soviet and Yugoslav countries. It has also been observed in a refugee child transferred from Australia to the Nauru Regional Processing Centre.


intro’d to it a while back.. adding page while watching life overtakes me – (2019) – 40 min doc

when i do the examination.. i tell the parents that you are the one suffering because of her condition.. she is not suffering.. your child is laying here like snow white because everything is so terrible around her that this is a way of protection.. she’s just waiting for the situation to be better.. and then she has a chance to wake up and be a normal, lively person again


4 min – first starts w don’t talk.. just lie down.. then start to eat less and less.. then stop eating/drinking.. most parents don’t know anything about this.. so they think the child could die

9 min – some children are aware asylum process is going on.. and we know uncertainty in children is very harmful.. security is really the basis for rehabilitation after trauma

13 min – the children w resignation syndrome.. started to turn up around 2003..04..05.. we were very surprised.. didn’t look like anything we had experienced.. there were rumors.. ie: children are faking or parents were poisoning children.. these were repeated by politicians.. but .. every single test showed same result.. no outside manipulation whatsoever.. we are talking about children who are really sick.. in a serious way

26 min – it’s all fear.. the fear is in our bodies..

30 min – so far no good explanation why mostly in sweden

32 min – recovery comes mostly after the family feels secure.. usually takes several months before you can see it’s getting better..

the recovery is dependent on rebuilding hope.. so it must be some kind of communication.. the touch/tone.. where children can feel that the parents are more hopeful

37 min – daria spent over a year in resignation syndrome.. couldn’t remember anything from it

sweden has admitted large numbers of refugees for many years..

anti immigrant sentiment has been grown growing in sweden and asylum policies have become more restrictive

there have been over 200 new cases of resignation syndrome in the last 3 yrs

same withdrawal symptoms are not being reported among children in australian refugee detention centers


seems we’re all in a resignation coma.. status quo itis numbing us.. keeping us on hold.. till things get better.. more a\liveable..


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