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7 min- they didn’t save me – they empowered me to save myself

9 min – because i was aware of it – i could do something about it

9:40 – greatet insight: the most hostile and aggressive voices were the ones that were hurt the most – so the ones that needed to be shown the greatest compassion and care

[great universal/fractal advise – no?]

10:50 – an important question in psychology shouldn’t be –

what’s wrong with you

but rather

what’s happened to you

a sane reaction to insane circumstances

12 min  – Chavez: once social change begins, it cannot be reversed – you cannot humiliate a person that feels pride, ..

longden oppress law

you cannot oppress

the light never goes out…

13:50 – don’t tell me what other people have told you about yourself…

tell me about you.



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INTERVOICE (@VoicesUnLtd) tweeted at 4:45 AM – 13 Oct 2017 :

Researchers identify brain area responsible for hearing voices in schizophrenia https://t.co/N1iwEXWk9Z(http://twitter.com/VoicesUnLtd/status/918789747526561794?s=17)


Eleanor Longden – “The medical model is the most complex form of avoidance I’ve ever seen.” Yes it is. #isps2017uk https://t.co/KbjVjM6EQX

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