nika and david on wealth

20 min video – mar 19 2019 – part 1

From childhood, we read stories about rich and poor, about kings and commoners, about enormous treasures and adventurers.

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nika – intro: book .. what is wealth.. cool to work w kids.. from diff cultural backgrounds.. and of course they know a lot about what is poverty/wealth.. more than probably than people who are right now here.. ie: describing richness w/o talking about money.. when talking about wealth.. talked about family .. when talking about poverty would be talking about money in detailed measurements.. t

4 min – frank: 2 kinds of wealth – 1\ things we need from nature.. use/quality.. 2\ value/money..amount.. opposites.. we can exchange one into the other.. what we do when we sell/buy.. separation is why they can/must be exchanged.. then wealth in exchange.. need both sides and whole society based on exchange..

7 min – frank: wealth must be produced: 1\ production 2\ workers/income.. real wealth is compatibility.. w/o production wealth doesn’t exist.. former societies not as wealthy/productive

can see david giggling – love it/him

graeber/wengrow back & forth law.. david & david on stupid savage.. et al

11 min – elona: am not an expert on wealth but on resources and climate change.. my perception is the worth is natural resources.. also a competition because both private and common pool resources have req’s.. ie: super rich 1/2 % of most wealthy.. same emissions as 50% of poorest.. in end it’s about the uneven quantities and events affecting the poorest.. when ask children .. want to grow up and have children.. as get older starts becoming about money

maté parenting law..

18 min – david: on previous generations being poorer.. not entirely clear that that’s true.. that’s assuming there is some kind of objective measure of wealth..t.. diff societies have completely diff ideas of what wealth should be.. ie: french missionaries often (1600s) had heated arguments w indigenous americans about who was richer.. it really annoyed the missionaries.. indigenous people telling them ‘you guys are really poor compared to us because you’re just miserable all the time.. constantly feel you don’t have enough so you feel poor.. and we don’t feel poor .. everything we want we’ve got a lot of ‘.. t.. this made a lot of the french people really angry.. thinking these people are entirely missing out on the point of life.. but they made a reasonable case..t.. they said.. first of all you have no freedom.. you guys live all the time in fear of your commanders.. whereas we don’t care.. if our chief tells us to do something we don’t want to do we just laugh at them.. and second of all.. you have no security.. you’re all terrified you’re going to end up a beggar on the street if you don’t play your cards right.. here that never happens.. we take care of each other.. and you’re constantly competing w each other.. so you’re nervous and upset all the time.. so we feel rich.. because we get to live like only rich people in your society live.. we get to relax.. and just take what we want.. because the things that we actually think are important we have enough of.. a very interesting theme.. these convos had a lot of effect.. the people who heard them took them very seriously..

graeber values law et al

we need a means to undo our hierarchical listening.. so we can get back/to hearing/grokking enough ness..

we need to let go of any form of m\a\p..

we keep organizing ourselves around ‘needs’.. (food, water, shelter) .. but not the deeper/essential needs .. so we keep thinking we need more of those other ‘needs’ than we really do..

let’s try a nother way

holmgren indigenous law et al

video cut mid david..




nika and david on wealthpart 1

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