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been following knowmads for some time (since kosta).. adding Pieter this day:

Knowmads (@KnowmadsNL) tweeted at 6:44 AM – 14 Sep 2018 :
Knowmads founder Pieter Spinder on https://t.co/Qzdjcu4rKw (http://twitter.com/KnowmadsNL/status/1040582030092849152?s=17)

what do you need to unlearn in order to learn to be yourself..t

cure ios city .. as detox

The school’s founder Pieter Spinder explains: “We have created a safe place where people can be themselves and, as a result feel freer. For us, this is an essential departure point. As a matter of fact, we don’t want to change the people when they arrive at Knowmads. We just see them for who they are. This is why we have designed an environment like the one children are in when they learn to walk. Usually they are surrounded by things that encourage them to do so. They get plenty of support and a suitable place is put together for them so that they can learn to move onward to the following stages of their lives. That’s why we say “Welcome Home” to them.

spaces of permission w nothing to prove

model a nother way model – like learning to walk (slidedeck at bottom of page)

This is also one of the foundations of the Peoplerise approach: “If we’re talking about numbers then we can’t be talking about people”.

of math and men.. measuring things


2017 – From Human-Doings towards Human-Beings | Pieter Spinder | TEDxCortina


we went from human being to human doing.. we lost the kind of way of looking at life from a child perspective.. we lost the openness.. the curiosity.. the way of going forward on a diff way

1 yr to be 5 ness

read nick askew poem – tired from the relentless game of belonging.. long to be seen.. when a child an ultimate human being.. all senses.. from inside out.. curious.. tried stuff.. the starting point of freedom changed into fear.. told to you a lot how you need to do it.. started to be directed from outside in.. also the pain of not being good enough.. try to fit in.. maybe want to do something else…


not yet scrambled

5 min – need to be seen for how he/she really is..

7 min – we can choose today to start from human being

8 min – if you are open, curious.. then the connections will come

cure ios city .

start seeing yourself again

1 yr to be 5 ness

10 min – start w curiosity.. what is there is there.. it will matter.. if you make the connection w your free self..

12 min – back to nic’s poem – belonging w/o any condition

13 min – what’s your next step to make the connection w freedom again.. to feel the possibility


2105 – Educating the mind without the heart is no education at all | Pieter Spinder | TEDxHaarlem


3 min – people are more than 99% not numbers.. rather feelings

in unis.. we are doing an ugly people shaping – conformity – imitation

9 min – self directed learning – coined by blake boles

blake? really?

16 min – for me knowmads was unlearning all those voices

supposed to’s


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Founder of Knowmads Business School Amsterdam | Creative Education | New Business Design | Speaker |

his site: http://www.pieterspinder.com/

knowmads site: http://www.knowmads.nl/faculty/pieter-spinder/


need to watch some videos/teds