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johann hari on prescriptions/solving for depression and anxiety

have captured his thinking on these before.. but adding page this day:

I LOVED this conversation I had with @Konnie_Huq about what causes depression & anxiety – and what really solves them. Her story about her dad was very moving – have a listen
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16 min – if you’re going to think life is about status.. money.. more likely to become depressed

17 min – junk values train us to seek ..happiness in wrong places

20 min – they listened.. realized he could use a cow.. so that cow became an anti depressant.. if depressed.. you’re a human being w unmet needs..

true..good.. but deeper.. otherwise just spinning our wheels..

hari rat park law et al

21 min – best way to solve depression.. figure out why feel this way and then deal with that underlying problem in their life

huge.. esp if we go deep enough

imagine if we addressed the deepest underlying problem of human being (and so.. could be cure for all of us across the board) – ie: maté basic needs

23 min – we are the first humans ever that believe we should move away from tribe

missing piece #2

26 min – in us if trying to make self happier.. do something for self.. other places.. doing something for others.. individualistic story about happiness doesn’t work out

need both.. or miss out on missing piece #1

fittingness et al

27 min – how much of what you think you are comes from these values around you.. i found.. when i was down i would try to get some external achievement.. now.. i try to go and do something for someone else.. ie: i can go and just listen to people.. in a culture that we’re not heard.. that’s huge

willard heard law

29 min – (been told) one of biggest reasons for depression – financial insecurity.. but increase in depression in last two months.. when finances down during crisis.. doesn’t hold true

31 min – dr prescribing – social prescribing – do something meaningful w others.. start to form a tribe..

imagine if we just focused on listening to the itch-in-8b-souls.. first thing.. everyday.. and used that data to augment our interconnectedness..

34 min – on meeting psych needs: belonging and valued.. and for children.. need to move around their community

yeah.. so imagine 2 conversations as as infra

35 min – single most important thing to say to someone is – your pain makes sense.. and i will help you try to understand why you are in pain.. and i will do everything i can to try to deal w the underlying causes of that pain

agree w ‘your pain makes sense’.. i think we get messed up when we try to understand causes of pain.. ie: thinking it’s abuse, addiction, shame, whatever.. when it’s really just stolen/lost/buried basic needs

saying brain issue.. may cut of stigma.. but if don’t really understand cause.. can’t solve it.. so i’d say.. show up.. be present.. keep being present


Johann Hari (@johannhari101) tweeted at 3:38 PM on Sun, Oct 04, 2020:
Dead people can’t recover. Keeping people alive – in evidence-based ways – isn’t “ignoring” recovery from addiction. It’s making it possible.


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