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George Morris (@gb_morris) tweeted at 4:52 AM – 8 Apr 2017 :

Today is a good day to read @joeyayoub on the anti-war left and the silencing of Syrians.

What’s behind Stop the War’s aversion to Syria voices?

Had StW followed their own advice and asked Libyans about the NFZ,..

..they might have found inconvenient answers which challenge their de facto isolationist politics.

To the isolationists, “they” needn’t be asked what they think of their country’s situation, for “we”, as owners of great social capital, know best. To borrow from Bell Hooks, Libyans, like Syrians today, were and are told that “there is no need to hear your voice, when ‘we’ can talk about you better than you can speak about yourself.

not voiceless ness

No need to hear your voice. Only tell me about your pain. I want to know your story. And then I will tell it back to you in a new way. Tell it back to you in such a way that it has become mine, my own.

Re-writing you,

I write myself anew. I am still author, authority. I am still [the] colonizer, the speaking subject, and you are now at the center of my talk.”

This is no mere detail in this story. In fact, it is the central one: If, as leftists, we wish to support revolutionary emancipation regardless of man-made borders, we must make sure we are being useful allies, not useful idiots.

The problem with StW is that it is fundamentally not anti-war, but simply anti-Western intervention regardless of the realities on the ground.

To quote the Lebanese Marxist intellectual Gilbert Achcar, commenting on Corbyn being heckled, this reactionary isolationism represents “a national-selfish attitude that doesn’t care about what happens to the rest of the world as long as ‘we’ are not directly concerned and our well-being is not affected – or (the leftwing version) as long as our ‘anti-imperialist’ conscience is not troubled by any of the complexities of the real world.

thurman interconnectedness law

They’d rather see Benghazi or Aleppo razed to the ground and their inhabitants massacred, than see the UK or any Western government attempt to do something about it, let alone call on them to do something, even when there are no other forces capable of preventing the massacre.

In that balance, one Libyan or Syrian killed by ‘our’ government is more unbearable to our conscience than ten thousand killed by the local despots: this may be a form of ‘anti-imperialism’, but it is as far away from ‘internationalism’ (a leftwing value that seems to have completely vanished) as isolationism is.”


i think our generation is a generation of infinite possibilities..

indeed.. because now have means to facil chaos of the infinite.. ie: idio jargon.. 7 bn daily curiosities.. et al..

a generation that feels it can do anything but it’s not being allowed to because the system feels too rigid and inflexible… i would want our gen to be known for .. its cautious yet still a bit hectic (?) sometimes optimism..

instability/insecurity.. so we’re living our lives day to day .. and at best month to month.. we don’t even plan ahead that much anymore because we just don’t know what’s going to happen.. there’s just too many factors.. that happen.. that seem to be out of our control

and we just feel.. in many cases anyway.. that we are just adapting.. instead of living we are surviving.. and that obviously limits a lot of things

many of our ideas and potential creativities are being limited..

a nother way.. to facil chaos of 7 bn curious/alive people

lebanon’s case.. we don’t need that much for change to happen.. but we need it to happen quickly..

campos wake up law.. for (blank)’s sake

we’ve sen lots of experiments in the past.. of esp lebanese youth rising up in many ways.. but it never lasts long and that’s because of the insecurities i spoke about

so i guess what we need is some kind of proof that what we’re doing has meaning.. it’s *an incremental thing.. and i do feel like it’s getting there

yes incremental as in – rev of everyday life.. but agree w earlier.. that we need to leap.. to a global do-over.. we can’t wait for incremental ness to hopefully sync to our human dance..


so many tweets (joey as news) i could have added here by now.. now have a place..

syria et al


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Joey Ayoub (@joeyayoub) tweeted at 4:48 AM – 5 Jun 2017 :

Whoever has tips of places I can apply to to get funding for my PhD (SOAS/International Student), pls lemme know. Even if limited funding. (

Joey Ayoub (@joeyayoub) tweeted at 4:49 AM – 5 Jun 2017 :

I start September 2017. Field is Development Studies/Cultural Studies and topic is on Lebanon (



Joey حسیني-أيوب (@joeyayoub) tweeted at 5:57 AM – 19 Apr 2018 :

Given that Iraq 2003 is compared to Libya 2011 to Syria 2018 by people who don’t know either three Iraq/Libya/Syria or the concept of linear time, I think it’s actually worth spending significant amount of time putting together decent resources for a general audience /1 (

just after molly’s article and lemon

@monk51295 @davidgraeber Why is Molly Crabapple lying about & misrepresenting stuff about PYD, YPJ/G & governance in that article?

I mean don’t they bother to even look into how things are structured, who the actors are & what do they stand for & what they’re doing?

It’s sickening frankly.

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Joey Ayoub ‏ (@joeyayoub) tweeted at 4:49 AM – 31 Mar 2019 :
Reading “A People’s Future of the United States” after “Iraq+100” and I’m seriously realising its importance in our imagination-depraved economy and world (

looks like the table i have



Asia Art Tours (@asiaarttours) tweeted at 4:27 AM – 27 Nov 2019 :
For those wanting to understand or help others understand the importance of Lebanon’s protests- both for the Arab World and for building global solidarity- we created a short video from our Podcast w. researcher @joeyayoub . The full podcast is here: (

2 min video – joey ayoub talking

that allows for a trans/inter national solidarity to be formed..

ayoub human to human law:

for the love of god.. if we still don’t understand that we need trans/anti national.. whatever.. we need human to human things happening right now..t

in the era of the climate emergency.. i don’t know what will push us to understand this

nationality: human.. et al

issues deep enough to resonate with 8b people today.. ie: a nother way

we have this expression – hallas (it’s finished that’s enough).. enough.. we need to create these links.. and that the links of sect/nationality/whatever are simply not as important as much more fundamental human issues.. things that really affect everyone regardless of where we are.. and we’re really getting there.. i’m a bit optimistic.. like unusually so in that matter.. but i think we can really create much more of that

maté basic needs

ie: signs (at lebanon protest) toward people chile et al.. if create more of those.. allow everyone everywhere.. i don’t want to paint too rosey a pic.. there will always be issues.. but at least allow people to be more motivated..

we can today.. go deep enough .. so that we are all about just two issues.. (maté basic needs)