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intro’d to James here (convo w Vinay on energy and blockchain):

Vinay Gupta (@leashless) tweeted at 1:59 PM on Thu, Mar 22, 2018:
Watch this video about @ImpactPPA https://t.co/UVBfyYvnRP James and I discuss how #microgrids and #blockchain can transform life for billions of people, and the role of hardware in building a new economy. I’m glad to be part of this project!

10 min – james: looking at it like rolling out different servers..  (bus sized.. stackable .. renewable energy devices)

14 mi – vinay: it’s the adaptability.. the ability to drop the hardware where you need it

15 min – james: working w/farmville – i didn’t really understand.. the internet was huge.. people would join.. via fb.. but the capacity from hardware/server standpoint was just maxed out.. so you get more servers and you rinse and repeat.. that churn would constantly happen

17 min – james: but aws w ec2.. provisioning new servers is a command line

vinay: right.. because there’s a pool of available resources that’s been split across everybody.. and the pool never runs out

james: right.. and you don’t have to manage that yourself.. you’re off loading that management to aws..

18 min – vinay: that hiccup in a power grid is a brownout..  same thing happens in roads.. doesn’t matter how big the road is

18 min – james: i think it’s one of these misconceptions where if you have energy.. then you’ll be satsified.. but i think the more energy you have and the economy starts to grow.. it’s this insatiable hunger for more.. so if you have to plan for a few years in advance.. how do you know how much..

design for affluence w/o abundance.. ie: meed these needs first.. aka: truly free people first..

james: and what i learned thru aws and ec2.. is that if you can meet that incremental demand.. then you can better understand

19 min – james: what we did at step 1 and step 2.. in terms of scalability.. even having the ability to deploy ec2..  is how we architect changes at step 3..  t.. there’s diff levels of scale.. and what worked early does not work later.. so you can’t build for step 3 or 4.. you don’t want to over optimize..

design that listens and adapts/facils.. anew.. everyday

20 min – james: *can we play a diff game.. that doesn’t sound like a fun game to play (between op for capital and not browning out)

*yes.. let’s.. ie: short bp

james: i think of bc as a database..  you need this cash

vinay: so you’re seeing bc as the interbank clearing layer.. of the system

21 min – james: there’s a gap between what’s theoretically possible.. and reality.. so this is like raising the floor.. making sure what you’re doing is meaningful and it has a market.. so that it’s deployable.. because you can’t think of all the use cases..  so let’s get a deployment there.. the deployment will only happen if there’s people willing to use it..t

huge..and.. begs we go deeper.. deep enough.. that 7bn people would buy in today .. & everyday.. believing that this depth will also allow us to disengage from the B you talked about right before this.. the smart contracts.. the buy in.. et al..

22 min – vinay: so the objective here is to push bc out into villages.. using it as the organizing backbone for this rollout to go w this decentralized energy system..

indeed.. bc as backbone for hlb.. the decentralized energy system that matters most

james: w bitcoin always talking about the unbanked.. i mean that’s a great vision

so .. let’s do it literally.. ie: moneyless

23 min – james.. so how do you bridge that gap.. you need a project.. something real world.. to help move that forward.. do i have all the answers.. no.. but i think there’s opportunity here to incrementally figure this out if you have this framework

23 min – vinay: there’s so much demand for electricity.. the diff in quality of life.. between no electricity to solid reliable..  that quality of life radiant is straight up.. everywhere the power arrives.. people are delighted

true.. but again.. thinking affluence w/o abundance.. there’s something we need more.. there’s actually more (soul) demand for a and a.. human electricity (toward quality of life) .. let’s go there..

24 min – james: so i think there’s a number of diff deployments depending on the actors in the system.. if you go straight to users.. i can imagine a billing cycle of 1/month

vinay: so you wind up w a tokenization of the energy proficient.. people are basically making payments using those tokens.. which are backed by service which is electricity.. so the fact that you’ve got service backed currency.. now running in a bc.. which is electricity.. which is the super high value service

imagine not having to engage with all those irrelevants.. that involve money

25 min – james: so what’s the emerging design.. what’s the most efficient way to solve.. try to get in there at the base foundational level.. and then we can see/play

short\bit as infra

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

Vinay Gupta (@leashless) tweeted at 2:07 PM on Thu, Mar 22, 2018:
A particularly fabulous part of the @ImpactPPA interview https://t.co/oI0pNGbYr2 James Young describes how his experience scaling Farmville is just like keeping electrical grids going, and avoiding brownouts is like preventing web servers falling over. Superb!


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James is chief tech officer at impact ppa



ImpactPPA is an Ethereum-based decentralized energy platform that will transform the global energy finance industry. ImpactPPA uses the power of the blockchain to bring together capital and consumers in a way that is direct, responsive, and expedient. ImpactPPA solves the problem created by legacy financial institutions of too much bureaucracy, cost and infrastructure to effectively and efficiently provide solutions that work!


James Young has more than 20 years of software development experience specializing in stream video network design, social game development, and online advertising. He has been a part of three successful startup acquisitions but also has large enterprise experience working at Cisco. He is familiar with the token launch process and wishes he could go back to school and get a degree in blockchain.