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intro’d to James via his tedxberlin sept 2016 – How we explore unanswered questions in physics

how do the smallest things in nature.. match up with the largest things in nature..

ginorm small ness

books say.. we know a lot about these two realms separately.. but when we try to link them mathematically.. everything breaks.. and for 100 yrs.. hasn’t been supported by evidence.. to me.. this was a supremely unsatisfying answer..

dec 2015 – seeing a hint of a new particle at cern.. a bump that became a smooth line..

2 min – describing tunnel

4 min – bump in 2012 – led to higgs boson nobel price..  people in 2015 – thought this was go time again..

6 min – we were trying to be cool about it.. but media ran with it.. my theorist colleagues wrote 500 papers about this little bump.. what was it about this bump that caused 1000s of physicists to lose their collective cool…

7 min  – the split.. to the two skateboards.. that live for very short time… events of two photons.. very rare..  but one of these options is huge.. has to do with my burning questions..

8 min – strength of gravity.. 10 ^ -39….. standard model..gravity is absent.. as though.. most of gravity has gone missing.. one explanation..  3-d as given.. for us.. for particles..  all the math we use to describe this.. assumes 3d.. but math is math and can be changed..  what if 3d is not true.. what if leaking gravity leaking into extra spacial dimension.. we’re just experiencing a tiny slice to make it seem very weak.. if so.. we’d have to try slamming together two protons.. momentarily creating this graviton.. and spits off two photons.. two particles of light..

11 min – probability of this.. explains why lost our cool.. discovery like this would rewrite the text books.. but for us.. doing it.. knew.. *we need more data.. either nobel prize or smooth line.. and 5 months later.. turned into smooth line.

what if we don’t need more.. so much as.. different data.. ie: self-talk as data..

12 min – coverage was crazy.. you’d think we’d shut down and go home..  so why are we still exploring.. particle physicists are explorers…

13 min – we spend next couple decades exploring..  what if even after 20 yrs no new particles.. ? we build a bigger machine.. search at higher energies..

14 min – what if still.. find no new particles.. then perhaps we’re doing particle physics wrongs.. need to rethink.. need more intelligence.. ie: ai algos teaching self.. what if even ai can’t help answer.. what if questions destined to be unanswered..then

that will be even more fascinating.. we will be forced to think in completely new ways.. have to go back to assumptions and determine if flaw somewhere.. we’ll need *fresh eyes on it on century old problems…. i don’t have these answers.. someone.. maybe she… not even born yet.. can guide us to see physics in completely new way.. to point out.. we’re just **asking the wrong questions.. which wouldn’t be the end to physics.. but a novel beginning…

*how about 7 bn awake eyes/alive.. not not us.. .. and/or everyone in 7 bn that wants to go there..

**broken loop

a nother way


.. honestly.. until the last minute.. was thinking.. don’t want to add page.. while my nerd/math side loved the visioning of his talk.. ie: why we experience weak gravity.. 4th dimension ness.. because.. i love dimensions.. like x-d of them.. but in the last minute.. his end note.. that perhaps we’re asking the wrong questions..

h    u    g     e

so thinking.. even if for just a short time.. a couple times around the sun give or take.. we assume we are.. we steer energies toward a deeper problem..  about ‘the study of matter, energy, and the interaction between them‘ ie: 2 convos between them.. thinking.. getting to study the two skateboards of another dimension.. in our assumed dimension.. not as ginormously small as getting people to wake up.. and dance..

with a side note.. added bene.. ie: that girl in the future.. that might say.. wrong question.. would be awake/available/free today.. as the day [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…].. with countless other tribesters.. win win without the need for any wins..

yeah. so i added a page of James..


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Particle physics, post-doc, ATLAS Experiment, Large Hadron Collider, CERN. I seek exotic Higgs bosons, gravitons, dark matter. Brevity skeptic. exnoisecern.ch


My research focuses on finding explanations for some of the key unsolved mysteries of the universe, like determining what dark matter is, whether the Higgs boson is standard or not-so-standard, why gravity is so weak compared to the other forces of nature, and whether there are hidden, dark sector forces out there that we’ve yet to uncover in collider experiments.