breathing matters

Many of us go without breathing..

/ \………….._________________

…. \……../……………………………………..   …….       _…..___………………                 .               daily.

In fact, we teach/applaud/credential this skill in public ed. The ability to hold our breath, to wait, to become mindless. We call it character-building. Hold it in, till 3pm or the weekend, then you can breathe. Indeed, it’s working well, as a perpetuating factor, because at 3pm and on the weekend, most of us are too tired to question it.

Perhaps if we took the time to breathe more.. we might start taking charge of the day.

Perhaps we’re in need of an emergency injection of sorts to jumpstart us back to a natural state… of breathing for ourselves.

Somewhere along the way, a mandated/assumed/blind suffocation of sorts, lulled/bullied us into believing that breathing doesn’t matter.

The requirement that a child go to school for about 6 hours a day, 180 days a year, for about 10 years, whether or not he learns anything there, whether or not he already knows it or could learn it faster or better somewhere else, is such a gross violation of civil liberties that few adults would stand for it. But the child who resists is treated as a criminal.                   – John Holt

But it’s in us – to breathe. It is us. It is what keeps us alive. And is legal.

Odd that something so essential, has become so overlooked/neglected/tainted. While we rail on about making sure every person learns the basics of say.. school math. [Hold your thinking in till the weekend, but make sure you’ve regurgitated your non-usable math facts before 2pm, so I can check you off as educated.]

Let’s wake up. Let’s question the madness. Figuring out what matters, matters. Occupy your brain.

be you. converse with self.
be us. converse with others.

pay attention.

whimsy matters.
breathing matters.

people matter.

b    r    e    a    t    h    e    .


The Latin word for a breath, ‘spiritus’, is not only the origin of the word SPIRIT, but also the likes of CONSPIRE (literally a ‘breathing together’), PERSPIRE (literally ‘breathing through’), and INSPIRE (to have an idea literally ‘breathed’ into you).
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