forgotten god

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(2009) by Francis Chan




it’s easy to get into ‘defensive mode’ where you quickly disagree and turn to proof texts and learned arguments to defend what you’ve always believed..


fear of stepping outside of a certain theological framework causes us to be biased in our interpretations.. we work diligently to ‘prove’ that our presupposition were correct (another ie of eisegesis) rather than simply/honestly pursuing the truth


one question i’ve had to ask myself repeatedly is am i even open to the possibility that i could be wrong in my beliefs? if so. would i have the courage to change my actions if i were shown that my interpretation of scripture was faulty..


bravery to change your mind.. everyday


we want to believe that we are people who desire truth even over relationship and acceptance. but the chances are that you care about people’s opinions more than you’re willing to admit

maté trump law.. wilde not-us law

but then.. too.. love over truth.. love is relationships..


i’m not even sure how to label mu current church.. all i know is we definitely believe in the hs.. when you get down to it, is there anything else we really need to know? do we need to label one another ‘conservative’ or ‘charismatic’ or ‘radical’?.. what’s the point in that?


she (7 yr old daughter) just wanted to obey the passage to the best of her ability. i realize mercy doesn’t have the biblical knowledge many of us do, but i wonder how many of us have the faith she has..

why do we sometimes feel that we need to debate this endlessly, running thru every possible hypothetical situation and answering every theological question first? when will we simply respond to the truth we *have heard and then work thru our questions from there..

esp the word already *on/in each heart..

and to the children.. not yet scrambled.. et al


the spirit is not just a flighty, whimsical spirit who comes and goes like the wind.. he is an eternal being


john 3:8:The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”


the spirit is grieved when there is a breach in relationship, whether it be relationship w god or relationship w other people..


i believe that if we truly cared about the hs’s grief, there would be fewer fights, divorces and splits in our churches. maybe it’s not due to a lack of belief but rathe rather lack of concern. i pray for the day when believers care more about the spirit’s grief than their own..

thurman interconnectedness law


1 co 12:7 tells us that each follower of christ is given a ‘manifestation of the spirit for the common good’

common ing our one ness – one body


take 1 co 12 seriously, believe you have been given a manifestation of the spirit and that your church, the worldwide body of christ, and the world are cripple w/o your involvement. i write this because i love the church and want you to trust that you are more than just a helpful addition.. you need to believe you are  vital member..


but i do know that no matter what your personality, it is a spiritual discipline to be still, to listen, and to cut out the distraction and din of our world.. and as we practice this stillness, this waiting, this being, ti is then that we can experience deep intimacy and relationship w the hs

still ness.. listen


don’t let your personal baggage keep you from enjoying this intimacy that both your spirits and god’s long for


god didn’t want a good slave who tried really hard. he wanted me to see that he as a good father. he wants intimacy..

not robots.. love.. trust


aw tozer: ‘and to expose our hearts to truth and consistently refuse or neglect to obey the impulses it arouses is to stymie the motions of life w/in us and, if persisted in , to grieve the hs into silence..

listen to what is already in us.. even/esp when reading the word ( on write ing and control)


it require continulal engagement and wrestling and discovering how to live a spirit filled life today.. not ten years form now.. not tomorrow..


i don’t want my life to be explainable w/o the hs. i want people to look at my life and know that i couldn’t be doing this by my own power. i want to live in such a way that i am desperate for him to come thru. that if he doesn’t come thru, i am screwed


i cannot convince people to be obsessed w jesus.. i cannot talk anyone into falling in love w christ.. i cannot make someone understand and accept the gift of grace.. only the hs can do that..  so by every measure that actually counts, i need the hs. desperately..


people leave (church) talking about the people who led rather than the power of god


god is not a coercive god. and though he desire for his children to know peace and love and to have wisdom, i have noticed that often he waits for us to ask..

he chose not to make us robots.. rather to trust us.. he knew that was the only way we’d be real.. no point otherwise


we focus on what god wants us to do and forget the kind of people he wants us to be

ie: authentically us.. eudaimonially us..  otherwise the body (undisturbed ecosystem) won’t work


(on gideon judges 7): i think god did this so that no on e could say ‘look what we did’ instead, everyone knew that it was god’s power that defeated the enemy

yeah .. i don’t get this.. and i don’t you do either (from watching lisa break down singing remembering a child dying in her mother’s arms in ethiopia).. i don’t get all the killings in the bible..


that killed me because i knew that what he expected is what the church is intended to be. it saddened me to think that a gang could paint a better pic of commitment, loyalty, and family than the local church body..


all the believers were together and had everything in common. they sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need.. (acts 2:42-47)

common ing sans possessions et al


instead of thinking and telling people they are crazy when they feel like the spirits is leading them into something that doesn’t necessarily make sense to us, we should join them in the discernment process..

crazywise.. and higashida autism law.. et al