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Year one, (2010-2011), the Thompson School District InnovationLab was a physical space in Loveland CO. The vision, created by students of the previous two years, was for a space where students are free to experiment with their curiosity and imagination in or to find/refine and develop their passion. where kids could go to learn per passion. We are hoping that in year 2, people will see that rather than a physical space, they themselves are the innovation lab, to whatever degree they choose. With this mindset dispersing into the entire district, we envision a your school design it, community as school, at the end of four years. [ year one purpose in written form]

Read more about a district vision here: connect ed

Approximately 50 students and 20+ mentors were active in the Lab. Students were exploring such topics as homelessness, human trafficking, global connections, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, German, Sign Language, music production, music composition, robotics, programming, game design, dog training, soccer, computer-based math, permaculture, storm chasing,..

The slideshare below showcases what some of the students were/are doing in the Lab and shares links to join us on facebook, etc. It also briefly explains the learning process/documentation we experimented with, with Jim Folkestad at Colorado State University in order to affect and expand change for those who are so inclined. (For more on that process, see the – what is detox – page.)

imagination and play – edited write up

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