commons transition primer

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commons transition primer

seems we keep missing the opp for common ing because we keep trying partials.. which i guess is what transition ing is.. so to that i’d say .. we have the means .. and the time seems right (urgents) to try something different..  a means for a commons leap.. perhaps our unwillingness.. disbelief.. whatever.. to let go 100% is what’s keep us transition ing for so long.. (and too.. will it ever get there.. will we ever get in sync going partial)

ie: Michel here:

I am not for the abolition of competition, which I think is rather impossible, and not sure it is a good thing either, but for its contextualisation in larger collaborative ecosystems. Companies collaborate on the technical knowledge but compete for the deployment of said technology.

i don’t believe our dance will work w competition.. i think the need for any form/degree of incentive.. is a good sign we’re not doing what matters most to us..

I am not for the eradication of patents but for example the reduction of their length and I am for the restriction of the duration of copyright terms, which are now an absurd 90 years after the death of a composer, which mostly serve to make money for corporations late after an artist’s death.

i don’t believe we’ll have common ing.. if there are patents .. in any form they are  too much.. aka: B and b

I am for open cooperatives. The real challenge in this transition is to find the right interaction between the entities that work within the Market and the contributors to Commons. I am for a transition from extractive models to generative models.

i don’t see market/coops working (for humanity.. for change.. for common ing) if they are tied to money/measuring transactions.. i think exchange ness is messing with us..



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