citizen four & snowden

2 films on edward snowden

just had notes from citizen four on laura poitras‘s page.. adding this page while watching snowden (2016) via netflix


notes/quotes from citizenfour (1:53:13) via thought maybe site:

in 2006 – placed on watch list after making film about iraq war. next film about guantánamo and war on terror. this is 3rd of trilogy about america post 9-11

2 min – glenn interview w david sirota

exec producers: jeff skoll, …

5 min – william binney

6 min – a few days/week after 9-11 began spying on everyone in this country… telecom data – at&t  320 mill records everyday.. reauthorized every 45 days..stellar wind

8 min – we naively kept thinking that could happen.. bit it didn’t. sot ey started raiding us.

10 min – we are building the greatest structure of oppression. the surveillance we live under is the highest privilege compared to how we treat the rest of the world.

13 min – so long as everyone is surveilled, no one has standing to sue (in court)

15 min – judge ferguson – judicial system to just get out of the way.. is that it..? .. defense that risk of national security

15 min – jacob – (occupy wall street security training) – you guys are actually.. the canaries in the coal mine. key concept: linkability – metro/credit – can track your steps… add cell and get metadata. made up of facts but not necessarily true. perceptions follow you rest of your life .. when resist policy changes and try to protest

21 min – took 8 days to film – day 1 – jun 3 2013

23 min – why – comes down to state power against people’s ability to meaningly oppose that power. i’m designing methods to refine that state power – realizing you can’t oppose that. to oppose that – no one could… as i saw obama be betrayed and actually get worse… particularly drone strikes..

25 min – i remember what the internet was like.. nothing like it. it was free and unrestrained. we’ve seen the chilling of that ie: name ends up on list.. it’s become an expectation that we’re being watched. .. limits boundaries of intellectual exploration. i’m more willing to risk imprisonment that to risk the curtailment of my intellectual freedom and that of those around me. not self-sacrificing because i feel good in helping others

27 min – infrastructure in place.. worldwide that nsa has built in coop w/other govts that intercepts every communication.. i can input selection and it will put future scrutiny and alert in real time as well as past

33 min – using journalists… in order to remove my bias..

34 min – tempora … world’s first full take on everything.. in uk

43 min – it’s not science fiction .. it’s happening right now.. this needs to get out.. we should be having debates..

44 min – the law this was done under – the patriot act – after 9-11. this court order.. is not directed.. it’s every single customer .. verizon

53 min – i’m sure they will launch an investigation into who leaked – not into the crime itself – nsa

58 min – an unusal feeling.. hard to convey in words.. but not knowing what’s going to happen – scary but liberating. makes planning easier because not so many variables. you can only act and then act again

1:00 – i’ll come out.. because this isn’t about me. it’s about everybody. i’ not afraid of you. like the internet version of the hydra – you can’t stomp one person but there’s going to be 7 more of us.

starfish ness..

1:03 – on coming out – i’m not afraid ness matters..

1:04 – on inverting the model of skulking around – the fearless ness – you don’t have to investigate.. there’s nothing to investigate.. here i am

1:06 – taping disclosure interview

1:22 – collecting cia prism.. through facebook, skype, et al.

1:24 – publishing tempora (nsa love that program) uk lets quiry all day long. undersea cables intercept site for tempora, bude uk

1:25 – u.s. govt charges snowden with 3 felonies, 2 under espionage act, and asks hong kong to extradite him. wikileaks organizes his departure from hong kong to seek political asylum. julian – wikileaks getting ed out of hong kong.. sarah harrison accompanying him from moscow to ecuador or venezuela or iceland… where he would be safe.

1:27 – glen reporting in brazil – u.s. justification for everything since 9-11 is terrorism… everything in name of national security. actually it’s the opposite.. little of documentation is about security/terrorism.. but with competition between countries, and with companies’ industrial, financial, or economic issues… x keystore .. just taking metadata.. .. but if i know who your communicating with and who they are communicating with and when and where and for how long.. that’s telling of your personality.. major invasion of privacy… and defense of it is totally false… getting metadata and content. ability to organize weakened w/o privacy

1:30 – international group of lawyers (for snowden pro bono meet up) espionage act ….only used for spies not whisteblowers. .. govt doesn’t have to defend the classification or demo harm from release… when we say trial wouldn’t be fair.. the law/statute itself eliminates any defense might be able to make. any defense he would make would equate him with a spy.. i think we’d all agree this represents how it’s probably 95% politics and 5% law is how this will be resolved.

1:32 – fbi gets authorization.. for all appropriate means including govt pressure.. for finding snowden.. and for blocking reporting

1:33 – white house spokesman – snowden has been charged with very serious crimes.. and he should be returned to u.s. where he will be granted full due process and every right available to him under our justice system as citizen under constitution

after 40 days spent in transit zone of moscow airport.. snowden receives political asylum in russia for one year

1:34 – obama: no –  i don’t think mr snowden was a patriot. … i called for thorough review before mr snowden made these leaks. my preference and i think the american people’s preference would have been for a lawful orderly examination of these laws, a thoughtful fact based debate.. that would then lead us to a better place.

1:35 – explanation from uk govt – for detaining david

1:26 – brussels, belgium, sept 2013 – european parliament begins hearings.. to investigate nsa on eu citizens and companies. jacob there.

on lava bit – (founder – email service) – because i couldn’t give up info on that user.. i would be forced to give up ssl keys and let fbi at it..  only ethical choice was to shut down. think about that. …it’s supposed to be too difficult to invade someone’s privacy. what good is right to free speech if it’s not protected.

jacob: what we used to call liberty and freedom we now call privacy. and we say that privacy is dead. when we lose privacy we lose  agency we lose liberty itself… what is surveillance except control.

1:39 – der speigel, berlin – chancellor merkel’s phone intercepted. codename for assets not targets.

nsa surveillance base in germany. .. mar 2014 germany begins parliamentary inquiry to investigate nsa spying. asked to testify – binney: all these programs.. ways to acquire info. every dictatorship throughout history has done this .. one of first things need to do is to acquire knowledge of their population. that’s exactly what these programs do. i see this as the most major threat to democracies all around the world.

1:42 – binney’s testimony is interrupted when news breaks that the cia has a double agent spying on the german nsa inquiry

1:43 – jeremy asking about journalists that work directly with snowden docs.. binney: you’re on the cast iron cover list.. use data to find your sources..and if they find them… (j: so if there was a whistleblower – someone w/in govt that leaked to me.. and worried about violations of constitution..) .. and if he starting passing data – they’d take them off the street.

1:45 – if our methods work.. perhaps will embolden more to come forward

so political

1:48 – 1.2 mill people on various stages of watch list

this could raise profile of this whole political situation of whistleblowing to a whole new level..


notes/quotes from snowden:

57 min – this is about econ and social control.. and the only thing you’re really protecting is the supremacy of your govt

social control et al

58 min – i just thought the system would self correct.. the president would keep his promises.. et al

59 min – you just keep telling yourself (while you’re surveilling ie: 2.5m people.. every cell phone in the world) you could stop a bomb and save 1000 people

1:05 – when you’re really happy.. a large part of you wants to just stay happy.. and you start to think..what could be more important than this.. lots of people cruise happily thru life.. why can’t i

1:07 – every time i’d start letting go of all the anxiety and questions .. that kept me up at night.. i’d learn something else.. and i just couldn’t ignore it

1:09 – corbin (nsa guy): most americans don’t want freedom.. they want security.. that is the state of the world.. secrecy is security and security is victory

free\dom and security.. safety addiction et al

1:27 – i feel like i’m made to do this and i don’t think anybody else can.. i’m on a trajectory that i can’t turn back from

leslie: you can always turn back

2:06 – the greatest freedom i’ve gained is the fact that i don’t have to worry about what happens tomorrow.. because i’m happy with what i’ve done today