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intro’d to Chetan via his tedxexeter 2015:

this sort of fixes me for them


in some profoundly important way.. they are all a part of me.. and are here with me.. maybe that’s why i find it hard to respond to questions about identity and about origin

never just me.. how many..  identity.. et al

and it’s not just a sort of teenage refusal to be labeled

why not.. that’s huge.. we should have been listening to that (all of us) all along.. no?..

and too.. labeling teenage ness as we go

our responses to questions of id and origin have substantial social/political importance.. we see the wars..the rages of id going on all around us.. violent disputes.. often based on old stories of id and belonging

nationality: human

do we really need id myths to feel safe/secure.. i see them as adding to human misery.. can i dare you to refuse every origin myth that claims you.. and develop a deeper sense of personhood.


deeper – maté basic needs

one responsible to humanity as a whole..

one ness..

one that exposes how origin myths mystify, disguise global power, rapacious exploitation, poverty, world wide of oppression.. massive accelerating ineq’s

thurman interconnectedness law

people assume tradition is just history.. often in severe conflict

but today he’s one of my mum’s best mates.. heat some point in his political journey out of fascism he embraced a broader idea of humanity 

quiet little boy.. became someone else.. refused to be who he was.. he recreated himself.. and this kind of journey is very common for young men and women who become involved in al qaeda or islamic state or other transnational armed groups

jihad ness

there’s no point asking them where they’re from (niether were muslim) the more important question is.. where they’re going.. most of those who join such groups have comprehensively rejected their backgrounds to become in essence.. new people

spend a lot of time bashing parents/background.. immoral.. instead.. become someone else.. your true self.. your authentic self

this isn’t about a return to the past.. it’s about using a forgery of the past to envision an appalling future which begins today at year zero

this is why over 80% of victims of salafi jihadi groups are people from muslim backgrounds.. first act.. to destroy and punish internally..  you get impression they’re after us in west.. but mainly after people from other muslim backgrounds.. in their view.. no other muslim can be pure ordinary beliefs/practices that have existed for centuries are attacked as impure by teenagers from birmingham/london who know nothing about the histories that they so joyously obliterate

always puzzled to have pride in national/ethnic id.. pride in teh accident of birth from a womb.. belief in superioirty becasue of accident of birth

these people have very firm ideas about what belongs.. there is no pure ehtnicity, national culture..

what has been decided to be culture by those who have a political stake in pounding culture into the shap of a prison..

what about those.. who can’t point to ie: monument.. are these people less a part of humanity?

the it is me.. and.. never just me

your authentic self.. complex/messy/uncertain..

embrace uncertainty

maybe clinging to pure ids is a sign of immaturity.. and traditions are bad for you..

let go of things you have to cling to

make his story a part of your own.. becasue he was human..

i know you ness

nationality: human

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

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