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Change is coming in unexpected ways…


Many have awakened to the fact that “the system” just isn’t working for most of us. We want to change it. We’re overflowing with ideas, energy, and creativity, eager to make a positive impact in the world, but we struggle to find the resources required to make our dreams become reality.


Emerging Leader Labs are places designed to overcome that challenge. Part education (except you don’t pay tuition), part job (except you work for yourself), and part social enterprise incubator (except our focus is on “social impact” first and “enterprise” later), the Labs are designed to nourish our wild spirits and the crazy projects that just might make the difference we need.

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Streamed live on Aug 29, 2012

currency – the currents we can see..

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EmLeaders Recap

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Published on Jul 11, 2013

Projects slams! Here are the emerging leaders in action, exercising their ability to share, inspire, and enroll others in their vision

Project Slam #2


sept 2014:

What is happening with the metacurrency project?

3 parts: emerging leader labs, agile learning centers, metacurrency project

now 4 agile learning centers

alc mosaic as one

Arthur Brock et al

1:02 – how to solve all the problems at once. hard to communicate that. so we were in the shadows figuring out how to communicate that.

1:07 – how do you explain stuff. we figured out we’re better at building it than documenting it for someone else to code.

1:09 – sceptor – like having an underlying language capacity – that then gets assembled into ie: english.. fundamental capacity out of which all protocols are built – a grammar for creating grammars… our basic memory unit is a semantic tree

creating programs that operate on meaning..

1:14 – we’re basically doing a fundamental change in the computing stack.. so ie: we couldn’t build this on top of bitcoin, but bitcoin could be built on top of this… it’s got the  multi instant

1:22 – not just about changing money – we’re seeing things we don’t think are possible.. we’ll be able to self-organize in ways we ought to be able to – instead of having power struggles..

when we see this it’s like – whoa – we have to do this.. but then how to explain this.. a difficult story to tell

so – perhaps – model another way .. no?



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