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Founder / Facilitator of Learning – Nancy Tilton

currently – alc mosaic as one of four agile learning centers


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What is a free school?

A free school is typically defined as one where students are free to choose how they spend their time.

We distinguish between “freedom” and “license” however, freedom is not a license to infringe on the rights of others.   The best description of most free schools would be to say they are self-governing schools.  Students tend to create many rules or laws to govern their community.

If you are new to free education, a great starting point is to read this summary of A.S. Neill’s Summerhill School provided by the Alternative Education Resource Organization. Click here to read more.

What is a democratic school?

Democratic schools practice democratic decision making.  Students are empowered to speak for themselves and play an active role in governing their community.  This is not a new idea one that is unique to The Mosaic School.  

To see a comprehensive list of democratic schools, as well as additional resources to understand free or democratic schools, please visit the Alternative Education Resource Organization’s website here.

Is The Mosaic School a free and democratic school?

The Mosaic School is not associated with just one type of model. A lot of our philosophical base comes from ideas behind free & democratic schools, but it is our belief that a to have a truly free school, the school must be a boarding school. This is a day school with a homeschool enrichment program and there are activities that children will be asked to attend to, but there is a strong emphasis on student choice and respect of individuality. There will also be a significant amount of time that is free for students to choose how they spend their time, including the choice of elective classes or to simply do something on their own or with their peers.

There are also hints of Waldorf, Quaker, & Montessori philosophy that has built the academic & social structure of the school. This is a place where educators (this includes students and parents!) evolve and grow together as a community in their beliefs. The Mosaic School does not care to be defined in any way other than to describe itself as an intentional community planned by families working together to create a different experience for their children based on love, freedom, and community. 

We believe here that working with each child to maintain their natural curiosity and desire to learn is the most important philosophy to follow. The method to get there with each child may vary since they are all different. .” 

The Mosaic School does practice democratic decision making with students, parents and staff.

Who should attend this school?

Any child from a family that supports our philosophy and desired to join our community

Homeschooled students of all ages are welcome to attend enrichment courses.  Please see our homeschool programs page for more information.


Nancy shares this news on fb feb 2014:

mosaic makerspace

…a second space geared towards older kids and teens. We needed a tech space and art studio and don’t have room at Unity!


update nov 2017 .. photos (image links to more) of new place via Nancy’s sister (while meeting Huxley for first time)..


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and (dec 2018) – nancy shares 2 min clip of day in the life of alc mosaic:



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