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Listen to audio of a new Barrett Brown interview from prison:… “The rule of law is a myth.” 25 days until a #FreeBB

Barrett Brown is an award winning journalist who’s currently serving time in a Federal prison for sharing a URL on the internet. His “crime” pales in comparison to what Hillary Clinton did, and yet he’s in jail while she runs for President. Fortunately Barrett will be released from prison at the end of this month. This is an exclusive interview with Barrett from inside his prison with his thoughts on freedom, the election and the future of Barrett Brown.

the rule of law is a myth.. it has existed at times/places.. but if doesn’t always apply.. at all times/equally.. it doesn’t really exist.. rule of law has to be everywhere

10 min – this dance of disingenuousness obscurantism that our democracy has fallen into..

14 min – q: are you worried about your safety in there.. a: not at all.. fbi can’t come in and get you..


first intro to Barrett:

Journalist Barrett Brown is spending his final month in prison exposing more abuses in the US prison system: #FreeBB

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fully capable of entertaining myself in prison if need be

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Anarchist agitator ex-convict but surprisingly mainstream

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The U.S. government decided today that because I did such a good job at investigating the cyber-industrial complex, they’re now going to send me to investigate the prison-industrial complex.

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Barrett Lancaster Brown (born August 14, 1981) is an American journalist, essayist and satirist. He founded Project PM, a research collaboration and wiki, to facilitate analysis of the troves of hacked emails and other leaked information concerning the inner workings of the cyber-military-industrial complex.

In January 2015, Brown was sentenced to 63 months in federal prison for the crimes of accessory after the fact,obstruction of justice, and threatening a federal officer stemming from the FBI’s investigation into the 2012 Stratfor email leak. Prosecutors had previously brought other charges associated with his sharing of an HTTP link to the leaked Stratfor data, but those charges were dropped in 2014. As part of his sentence, Brown was also required to pay almost $900,000 to Stratfor.

Prior to 2011, Brown had ties with the hacktivist collective Anonymous.





Barrett is released to his family at 9AM tomorrow and makes his way to a halfway house by 4PM. A gradual end to a harrowing 4-year ordeal.


feb 2017

Barrett Brown Interview: Journalist IMPRISONED For Exposing Truth…

either trump years will be a disaster.. or an impetus for something diff..

can now collab w/o any intermediary.. for first time..

we haven’t integrated that new reality into how we handle politics/pursue change/activism… i hope to provide a tool..  better integrate work..

hosting-life-bits – mech simple enough

when we get that ethos.. in front of people.. there are a number of people.. who will get up

like 7 bn..

have to look at how this is org’d..  great deal of potential that can be harnessed

31 min – how can these be used to create a whole new civic situation.. we don’t have to work w/in existing institution… ones we’re still using because of inertia

human\e constitution ness

35 min – asked how he handled learning how futile it was to rely on journalism and telling the prison story… a: you can live on hate pretty easily.. when i get out.. how to create tools of opposition.. *how do we bypass our institutions and create new ones..

*a nother way

38 min – i got to experiment a little bit with insurgency.. in the belly of the beast

40 min – i can’t stop if they’re not going to.. and that’s useful/helpful..

41 min – for me being one of 15 most dangerous .. and they titled me a hacker.. when i’m not.. but they couldn’t say i’m a journalist who will tell about criminal things they do

42 min – even when people know the right thing.. they will follow orders

44 min – fascism always draws on the police and armed forces.. who might see you and humanity.. but won’t/can’t take a bullet for you



Just spoke to Barrett Brown who is out and home and sounding great. The madness continues… cc @FreeBarrett_


Anonymous NEWS (@4n0nc47) tweeted at 8:36 PM on Tue, May 30, 2017:
#BarrettBrown: On My Recent Return to Prison and Catching Up With Old Friends #FreeBB

Most of all, I know there’s no point in reporting any of this.

most of all, I realized that journalism will not be enough to save this country.


Johann Hari (@johannhari101) tweeted at 0:49 PM on Sun, Apr 03, 2016:
Barrett Brown’s writing from prison is hilarious & amazing



Barrett Brown: “Anyone can now collaborate with anyone -> It’s time to consider alternate systems of governance”…

And thus ends our story of how I gained mainstream acceptance by providing material aid to an international anarchist insurgency and going to prison.

This is an age in which anything can happen, and does, and shall.

the second reason why a solution is now within reach. The most important fact of the 21st century is that any individual can now collaborate with any other individual on the planet.

except that’s not true.. we have the means/tech for any one to do that.. but not everyone has access.. via tech/time/money/desire etc..

It is an absolute certainty that, with sufficient thought, a new mechanism may someday be designed, capable of integrating thousands of talented individuals and existing organizations into a sort of parallel civic ecosystem, growing ever more refined in its functioning while perpetually expanding its user base on an invitation basis, and in such a way as to maintain a high average level of competence.

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

If one were to start with a sufficiently resourceful group of initial participants with broad agreement on keystone issues—opposition to the drug war, police state, and mass surveillance, for instance, with these issues chosen in order to establish a reasoned polity sharing common values, if not ideological unanimity—one could expect such a system to quickly expand into a vast and formidable new force in world affairs, capable of advancing reform and confronting criminalized institutions across the globe.

i propose that such a thing be built now

certainly this wouldn’t be easy. One would first have to design a software-driven framework by which each user would have the equal ability to create and grow civic entities within a common online ecosystem, allowing for clear delineation of relationships as delegated by a group’s creator and agreed upon by all who are accepted into a given entity. And the blueprint for such an apparatus would have to be sufficiently compelling so as to elicit the interest of those one would need for the project to go forward.

After all, one would have to recruit software developers with specialized skills as well as backgrounds in cryptography and open-source development. It would be necessary to convince journalists, producers, and editors that such a project would enable them to conduct meaningful crowd-sourced research of a sort that would improve upon conventional practices, and to enlist their support. Ideally, one would obtain assistance from some of the more dynamic political parties, particularly in Europe, and establish a partnership with their governing bodies. One would need to begin outreach to nonprofits and NGOs and make plans to assist existing organizations in using the platfor….The project would have to be floated in a handful of news outlets so as to attract early support and volunteers; ongoing and staggered media exposure would be necessary as well, covering at least a year and involving everything from documentaries to national outlets to a major book release, so as to further broaden the potential constituency for an effort that, being not only ambitious but also rather unconventional, will require extraordinary institutional support if it is to be taken seriously, and thereafter prove successful.

Again, this would be a considerable undertaking. It’s just as well, then, that I’ve already done all of these things.

what if those are the wrong things..

The Pursuance System, the culmination of eight years of thought and refinement, will be launched later this year, operating under a basic software framework explained at our website and overseen by a non-profit that we’ve set up for the purpose. The board of directors includes Icelandic Member of Parliament, poet, and Pirate Party stalwart Birgitta Jonsdottir; actor and filmmaker Alex Winter; CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou; former Columbia Journalism Review board member, author, and WhoWhatWhy founder Russ Baker; Professor Mano Singham of Case Western University (retired); Professor Robert Tynes of Bard University; author, intelligence critic,

Those who would like to donate or be considered for participation may do so at Open-source software engineers interested in contributing their time to the project can reach us at or Twitter @elimisteve. Public updates will be delivered via Twitter @pursuanceproj.

if it doesn’t Barrett.. try a nother way..


A decentralized union of reasonable citizens – designed to expand, refine, and confront. #pursuancesystem

Original Tweet:

Reporter Jailed 5 Years for Journalism Just Launched New System to Expose Corruption

so.. his goal is to expose corruption..?

A new system, developed by information activist Barrett Brown may soon offer such an arsenal of tools. The Pursuance Project, billed as the “world’s first comprehensive framework for process democracy,” was conceived with mass online collaboration in mind.

or not..?

The Pursuance Project, which he calls a “civic collaboration network,” will leverage online tools and relationships to create “a vast and formidable ecosystem of opposition to institutionalized injustice.”

The Pursuance Project, which he calls a “civic collaboration network,” will leverage online tools and relationships to create “a vast and formidable ecosystem of opposition to institutionalized injustice.”


Pursuance Project (@PursuanceProj) tweeted at 10:00 PM – 9 Sep 2017 :

Five days until @BarrettBrown_ has an AMA on @YouTube do introduce @PursuanceProj so get your questions ready. Gonna be a blast! (


#FreeLauri (@FreeLauriLove) tweeted at 5:43 PM – 8 Sep 2017 :

NEW – Exclusive Barrett Brown Interview with Lauri Love & Brown’s Commentary on Newest Pursance Project #FreeLauri (

lauri: Yeah, I think the same thing that they hope to achieve by locking you up, and they hope to achieve by locking up, for instance, Jeremy Hammond, Chelsea Manning, Jeffrey Sterling, [Maddock 00:03:19?], various other people, that’s to set an example to create a deterrent to prevent people from engaging in whistleblowing activity, hacktivist activity, information transparency, activism or generally being a nuisance to those in power

lauri: In terms of what the purpose is I think there’s a … There has been, for the last 10 years, especially in the last five years, a concerted effort by the US government to put the lid back on the internet, put the genie back in the bottle and stop people using it as a tool for organizing and achieving social justice or just exposing corruption.

lauri: I say the only thing, the main thing the internet did was allow more people to connect and take action collectively without having to meet and organize in geographic proximity. The reason they come in waves is because everyone is feeding off of everybody else’s energy

lauri: The reason, as I mentioned earlier, that the US engages in these crackdowns, in these vindictive, punitive, example-making exercises of the ones that they do capture, or at least that they can get into their justice system, is that it does have an effect at dissuading people.

lauri: Then that’s another thing that the government has been quite effective at is highlighting, identifying, the points around which people are self-organizing and making it difficult for them to self-organize at those places

lauri: Yeah, so I think the reason why 4chan became this cultural font of means and ideas and rapid manifestations of collective action was because it was a … new spin on a forum … It completely eradicated the barrier to entry. You didn’t have to log in.

barrett: (after history showing why our govt system isn’t working) – It’s (Pursuance System) based, in large part, on the idea that for the first time in human history, any individual can theoretically collaborate with any other individual without an intermediary. This has all come about very suddenly. The information age just arrived, in historical terms, relatively recently. We don’t yet know exactly what the internet means and what it can do.

barrett: There hasn’t been enough energy and talents directed at that question. But we’ve seen some very interesting phenomena, in the past 10 years especially, where the internet has fueled revolutions in places where revolutions were previously unlikely. Tunisia is one good example. We’ve seen massive campaigns against things like SOPA [The Stop Online Piracy Act]

cc @hrheingold – with his fb offers for pro bono mentoring to org ing

barrett: it’s very hard to imagine that we can’t take these lessons and take what’s worked and take the tactics and evolve them and come up with a framework that can combine the talents and energy and existing institutions that are out there doing important work, and give them more leverage in a world system in which we’re opposing entrenched interests, which we’re opposing criminalized nation states, powerful organizations, things that have the advantage in a pre-internet age. It’s my belief that the internet offers a way forward, even past this morass that we’ve found ourselves in the US in particular



The enemy is organized. We must be, too. #Pursuance Q/A beginning now…

basic framework: oppose police you understand it.. oppose the national security state.. as you understand it.. oppose the drug war.. as you understand that.. beyond that don’t ask for agreement on any other issues..

putting energies together.. over and over.. until things change

rekindle the adventurism

running the basics we think are necessary for activism

how about a mech that listens to all the voices.. everyday.. via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..

there’s research.. activism.. crowdsourced journalism..

need a system that is not authoritative.. but organized.. because criminal system now is org’d

the imagination will focus on.. what else can we do that we can to this

something between a political party and a union



Trailer of Accidental Warrior, new documentary on my case, #ProjectPM, and #Anonymous…

we always used to think it was a dystopian non real thing.. and now we know it’s real


Barrett Brown (@BarrettBrown_) tweeted at 2:47 PM on Sun, Dec 17, 2017:
Mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said Playstation VR with Skyrim VR. Today I demanded that I get it now instead of waiting for Christmas because I did 4 years in prison, so she’s bringing it over. Gonna milk this “4 years in prison” thing forever.


Barrett Brown (@BarrettBrown_) tweeted at 10:14 AM on Mon, Aug 13, 2018:
My statement regarding Assange’s decision to have a handful of naive Courage Foundation board members led by @johnpilger revoke my “beneficiary” status, an order which prompted director Naomi Colvin to resign


Video of Barrett being interviewed by Trevor Timm at Aaron Swartz Day:

Original Tweet:

14 min video – barrett brown w trevor timm

4 min – they never tried to stop the column from getting out (from prison) the unfortunate thing about that was that even when i was writing about their due process violations and documenting these things and sending out copies proving a number of criminal activities by the prison staff .. they knew it didn’t really matter.. they know just like i do that journalism can only go so far and society march by a incoherent and cowardly citizenry.. that even to the extent that they are virtuous .. have no pathway for the most part.. to actually impact their own govt..t

7 min – there are always fractures/inefficiencies there (institutions) they’re not working as a hive mind.. (mostly flex.. reactionary).. but we all know this.. and lost site of it sometimes.. personalize.. miss seeing the vulnerabilities..

9 min – crowdsourced research.. even when done arbitrarily/ambiguously.. even when it’s dumb people like me who are playing video games half the time and not really.. don’t have strong work ethic.. it’s proven itself as a vital model.. can save journalists time and serve their personal ends.. it can become a major aspect of how journalism is done..

12 min – we can no longer go back in time to determine what’s viable/probable..  the framework/environs in which human collab occurs has changed so fundamentally drastically in so historically short period of time that we cannot base our course of action or the experiments we undertake or the things we do on what others were able to pull off.. we just can’t..  what we can do is always keep in mind that human collab is what this all comes from.. all of our states/laws/problems.. and so when the means change and the possibilities suddenly increase in ways we can’t understand yet.. we have to explore all  these options and i think it’s viable to really do that in an effective way in the next decade or so .. using pursuance and all these other things that are coming out..t

the ai humanity needs.. augmenting interconnectedness

ie: tech as it could be.. 2 convers as infra