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b & m gates

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nov 2015


“We need an energy miracle,”

people like him who can affordto take risks should be the ones doing so — even if the ROI doesn’t come through quite as quick or strong as some hip tech startup.


Gates says we should take those risks while we still can and invest in everything that might help us to combat the climate crisis.


The whole interview is worth a read.

Gates is on a solo global lobbying campaign to press his species to accomplish something on a scale it has never attempted before. He wants human beings to invent their way out of the coming collision with planetary climate change, accelerating a transition to new forms of energy that might normally take a century or more.


Gates thinks that we can’t accept this outcome, and that our best chance to vault over natural gas to a globally applicable, carbon-free source of energy is to drive innovation “at an unnaturally high pace.”


On whether we’ve ever done anything as big, as a species, as what he’s asking for now:

Well, sort of no. Because the scale of it is very big. People can talk about the Manhattan Project during World War II—the challenge of “Hey, should we get a nuclear weapon before, potentially, the Japanese or Germans do?” The speed of innovation there really was mind-blowing.


But what we’re asking ourselves to do here is change energy—and that includes all of transport, all of electricity, all of household usage, and all of industrial usage.


But as I’ve really dug into it, the DARPA money is very well spent, and the basic-science money is very well spent.


The only reason I’m optimistic about this problem is because of innovation. And innovation is a very uncertain process. For all I know, even if we don’t up the R&D, 10 years from now some guy will invent something and it’ll take care of this thing. I don’t think that’s very likely, but nobody has a predictor function of innovation—which is weird, because the whole modern economy and our lifestyles are an accumulation of innovations. So I want to tilt the odds in our favor by driving innovation at an unnaturally high pace, or more than its current business-as-usual course. I see that as the only thing.



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nov 2015


key – innovation.. we need to bring cost premium down – privates to take high risk ventures

28 people… were excited..

best of all would be to get competitive with price of hydro carbon… getting cost of clean lower than coal based energy…

breakthrough energy coalition


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global systemic change (p1 p2 p3)

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we can’t not.