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John Maeda

The about clock – west coast laid back time keeper

Weird thing in tech – wasn’t getting better = actually getting worse

Compae manuals for car to manual for camera.. is anything really getting any better

The history of tech… then bandwidth came… then we could text

Then cell phone – and we can text

So – is anything really changing – wrote a book on simplicity, found mit in simplicity

Realization – we are in a recession and told that way to get out is through advancement of science,tech, math

That is why nationwide schools are closing art schools to fit them with chem labs

If innovation anywhere is just stem it’s missing something

Turned stem into steam

Bring art into the equation

A different kind of thinking

Idea based, intuition, design

Innovation is stem and idea thinking – these two sides have to balance out

Thinking is powerful – do you have any proof

Misfit – people who look for integrity, seeking truth with your hands, that kind of desire, is what is needed in innovation today

Won’t be found in a tech school or a business school

Innovators don’t just ppt the design thinking theme,

Strange things happening, not traditional tech innovations

Devotion to craft, something that doesn’t make any sense..

The world of making things again with your hands…

Don’t support the communities – but engage in them…

He’s at risd – images

quote found in his images – several times:

all i want to be is someone who makes new things. and thinks about them.


John joining Matt‘s automattic as global head


Khai (@ThamKhaiMeng) tweeted at 6:34 AM – 12 Jan 2018 :

Great program from @johnmaeda connects designers from remote and rural towns with designers around the world.

As the head of design and inclusion for Automattic, which runs, one of Maeda’s charges is to ensure that the company does have a diverse workforce. And because WordPress’s growth depends upon people creating websites, the company has to reach people who may not have thought about making a site for their small business or expressing themselves online.

“How could we really as a tech company engage more populations that fall outside the normal Silicon Valley culture?” Maeda says.

 I think the goal of the project is to let students in Kentucky understand that they can have a voice as prominent as anyone else on the internet.”

tech as it could be – listen to all (7 bn plus.. everyday) the voices.. and facil that


John Maeda (@johnmaeda) tweeted at 6:51 AM – 12 Jan 2018 :

The next step in the design of the #WordPress experience is looking very capital-G Guuuut(enberg). via @matias_ventura @karmatosed @altjoen (


Inclusion per @johnmaeda widened my view of technology. I may have found a new way to express myself … a self for others.

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Computers aren’t good at inclusion. They’re good at exclusion, because they’re only based on past data. The business opportunity for the future-thinking designer is in inclusion. — Fast Company on the 2018 Design in Tech Report..t

perhaps they’ve only been based on past data.. in the past..  the human opp is in connection.. listening to all the voices .. everyday..  as it could be

  • AI is extremely proficient at tedious tasks that no human should really have to do, like: adjust image contrast, correct messy lines, and re-style images.. t

let’s try.. *like: listen to and facil 7 bn daily curiosities

  • So getting out of the tech bubble can be a simple yet powerful way to better connect with “real” people who don’t really need what is being created today. *Ultimately, it becomes a way to design and make better products for all people..t

perhaps *ultimately, it becomes a way to use self-talk as data and make better connections for all people

because.. work.. as solving other people’s problems .. isn’t working that well


John Maeda (@johnmaeda) tweeted at 5:20 AM – 30 Mar 2018 :

“So what is #Gutenberg anyway?” —Automattic Designer @courtney0burton (

John Maeda (@johnmaeda) tweeted at 5:22 AM – 30 Mar 2018 :

“A visual preview and overall editing experience is such a joy to use and something #WordPress has sorely needed for a long time.” —Automattic Designer @jameskoster on #Gutenberg (


feb 2019

hey John..

in regard to this (from newsletter):

Tech is good at making cool things, but Tech’s not so good at making useful things. I struggle to find useful things these days.

(then i sent this.. w/o links)

i think we’re missing what it could be.. big time.. and perhaps.. precisely because we’ve still got that hierarchical format for listening.. ie: you can’t hear me..

1\ there’s no way we (a person) can listen to all the voices

2\ trying to (listen to all the voices) is one of our biggest.. shiny ness .. problems.. our focus should be to listen to our own heart/voice.. otherwise we’re spinning our wheels listening to not-us voices.. (reason for 2 convo infra)

3\ even if you could listen.. ie: hear me now.. the infra/system is set up that first i need to be speaking your language.. which takes up my day.. so that by the time i get to your language.. i’m never speaking that original voice/message anyway.. (reason for idio-jargon‘d self-talk infra)

4\ even if you could listen.. ie: hear me now.. our intoxicated default is to judge/hate/whatever.. rather than just take in the input and try to connect it.. (reason for simple mech infra)

and so.. we need a tech to listen to all the voices w/o judgment.. and facil that



how to speak machine


“As Peter Drucker has pointed out (1959), in a world buffeted by change, face daily with new threats to its safety, the only way to conserve is by innovating. The oldest stability possible is stability in motion.” —John W. Gardner (1912-2002)
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gershenfeld something else law

because ‘safety eats the world’ – jm