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art world – p1 – art communism & artificial scarcity (discussed in reading group m of care – dec 11)

art world – p2 – utopia of freedom as a market value (discussed in reading group m of care – jan 8)

art world – p3 – policing & symbolic order (shared by nika at m of care – nov 13)

by nika dubrovsky and david graeber (sept 2019 to nov 2020)


p4 –

via mark fuller .. when asked him about ‘foot soldier of the international proletkult’:

@monk51295 part of an answer to your question

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links to tweet thread from nika.. about yr lockdown.. then travel like crazy.. then:

But after that, I plan to go back to London, lock myself in my apartment, and finish the fourth part of my series with @davidgraber 2/

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links to an eflux journal.. via many authors.. which d&n have authored two issues: p1&3

which so far is mostly about the intersection of Proletcult and this text by David: as well as the practical implications that could come about if we apply such social design to our reality.  3/

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links to david’s pdf on creative refusal

proletkult et al

from p3 of thread – mark tweet quotes:

This is the best intro to the Davids’ new book #TheDawnofEverything as well.

dawn of everything




museum of care

let’s do this first

art (by day/light) and sleep (by night/dark) as re\set.. to fittingness/undisturbed ecosystem