m of care – jan 8

on art world – p2 – utopia of freedom as a market value (part 1 was dec 11)



vassily: what freedom should mean in an ideal world..

dmitrii: summary – ambivalent legacy of romanticism.. idea of freedom very much present.. point.. romantic notion of freedom has been perversely commoditized by current art world.. come to see commodification as defn of art itself..

vassily: on taking out violence and we’d all end up artists.. i don’t really agree

i totally do..

vassily: are we driven by this desire to help people.. we don’t know.. and then on being selfish by nature

graeber on assume good

nika: yeah.. it’s systemic.. in bigger social/econ system.. original artist ideas weren’t about artist being the genius.. more about genius in everybody.. collective.. more than individual person.. so idea of individual genius born at same time as idea of factory worker.. who’s anonymous.. and then we know everything about the artist/genius.. simultaneous born.. so vassily .. how connected to being selfish

vassily: back to question of nature of human beings.. long tradition.. of human nature diff from econ

nika: i think they’re talking about all human society by solidarity more than competition

will yong: important to talk about freedom/artist being restricted by market/scarcity.. ultimate creativity attributed to artist/creator.. cascades down as an ideology to see our selves as not creators/artists.. it’s the abundance of freedom/time

yash: maybe notion that not everyone born as artist.. born in chaotic state that needs to be disciplined.. which means to become an artist need to refine self.. so artists have overcome that process of discipline..

john fail: this assertion that art world has purged this belief that we can all be artist again.. more actual thing to say.. that we have this f-d up system blocking us

clive: whatever frame you are in.. tries to take what you’re doing and make it for them..

had to leave here..




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