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alix generous

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How I learned to communicate my inner life with Asperger’s

i think in pictures not words.. words are more link instincts.. language..

language is exclusive to our species anyway… my brain has ability to hyper focus on things that interest me..

all of us .. no? whimsy matters..

aspergers also a gift.. allows you to think creatively

brilliant ideas can’t be shared with communication roadblocks..

Mary Lou Jepsen

[all of us .. no.. and leapfrog past, ie: for college/job interview.. by living a nother way.. making manmade constraints to communication, B, too much ness, et al, irrelevant..]

aspergers.. rich inner life.. but gap between that and the rest of the world..

jaron on words

i think there’s a better way – autism assisted tech

lucid dreaming allows me to be free.. from judgment

goal of autism assisted tech is bigger than that.. my goal is to shift people’s perspective of autism and people with higher functioning autism.. ie: Temple

giving option to pursue dreams.. in the real world..



“this world is in desperate need of creative minds to solve complex problems”

Complex problems require unique minds | TEDxABQ – 2013

good thing i had something interesting to say (w monotone voice)

aspergers as a gift.. allowing me to make connections between things in science that may have not otherwise been thought of..

the importance of the it is me ness. and spaces of permission. with nothing to prove – ie: no judgment

6 min – coral reefs communicate through bacteria that grows on them.. they communicate to survive.

7 min – more now than ever we need people who think differently..

being different is not a fall back.. my mind is an asset…

this world is in desperate need of creative and intellectual minds to solve complex problems but before that we can do that we need to build a culture that accepts mental diversity..



@generousalix – Interview I gave right after my TED talk. Enjoy!

This Woman Will Make You Think Twice Before Calling Someone Socially Awkward

Alix has spent her life struggling to figure out how to fit in with peers, and has battled depression that stems in part from that difficulty.

how many do this..? perhaps all of us.. no?

The real goal is creating a bridge, connecting autism to the rest of the world. We want everyone to know that people can have or develop the skills they need to live a happy life,” Generous says.

2 needs.. deep enough for all of us..

“But, in terms of what I’d want people to take away, it comes down to this: Listen and be kind. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to not be a jerk. The world doesn’t need more intelligent people; it needs people who are kinder.”

love people

“People don’t walk out the door in the morning saying, ‘Today, I’m going to be a racist jerk.’ Nobody goes out into the world and says, ‘Today, I’m going to make a person with autism feel like crap.’ People just go about their daily lives, thinking about their husband or their cat, and then they encounter situations in which they don’t have the understanding or awareness to really be conscious of what they’re doing.

i know you ness. danger of a single story.

With autism, because of how my ideas are displayed and my lack of social skills — well, if you didn’t know me, my body language wouldn’t make you want to come up and talk to me.

ps in the open.. idiosyncrasies et al.. begs us to know each other.. and we can (ie: have time) if we live a nother way..

“I say socially awkward things. It’s not as random as one might think; my mind goes a thousand miles per hour and in a split second, I’ll have an idea that’s three or four conversations ahead of where we are. When I walk into a room, I take in everything. A normal person would just be focused on you, what you’re doing, but instead, I’m hearing everything, I’m taking in everything, and I have to consciously push past that to listen to you.


“It’s ironic; I just said ‘listen to people,’ but when it comes to living your own dreams, don’t listen to anyone — and follow your heart. There were times, [like] when I was in this god-awful treatment center and I didn’t have anyone to believe in me, [when] I had to make a conscious choice to keep going. It’s then you’ve got to remember: It’s not other people’s life. It’s my life.”

self-talk as data


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AutismSees was founded to bring a tech solution for young adults who fear eye contact while speaking or fear making presentations.

We have learned that people do better in job interviews when they understand how they appear in front of others. You know what they say, “58% of communication is body language. 38% is tone of voice.” Kinesics is the immediate connection between strangers and ourselves during first encounters. We help young adults create positive first impressions by showing them how they look in real time during prep for a job or college interview.

nice.. and.. imagine if job/college interviews didn’t exist.. maybe that’s what we need to hear.. here. no?


a nother way.. deep enough..

dis order