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Why It Took So Long to Invent the Wheel – from march 2012


The *sensitivity of the wheel-and-axle system to all these factors meant that it could not have been developed in phases, he said. It was an all-or-nothing structure.

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invention of the wheel was so challenging that it probably happened only once, in one place. However, from that place, it seems to have spread so rapidly across Eurasia and the Middle East that experts cannot say for sure where it originated.

on *challenging/open/simple ness.. begging we model a nother way… that can spread today… to 7 bill..


good bye cycle..

hello stigmergy

grab x-d glasses..


Mashable (@mashable) tweeted at 5:17 AM – 26 Nov 2017 :

3D printed airless tire will never leave you stranded with a flat tire https://t.co/EHvpHLxxSc (http://twitter.com/mashable/status/934757884591611904?s=17)


Cory Doctorow (@doctorow) tweeted at 7:46 AM – 26 Jan 2018 :

Foldable airless bicycle tires https://t.co/jhoadEytge https://t.co/QS219D6UnU (http://twitter.com/doctorow/status/956901084395483140?s=17)


CNN (@CNN) tweeted at 5:01 AM – 16 Jun 2019 :
This airless, puncture-proof tire could eliminate blowouts and flats https://t.co/ho6JCBt6Lk https://t.co/FlDUtnZ5YL(http://twitter.com/CNN/status/1140212710212284416?s=17)