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What about higher ed?

What does success look like? from Enstitute on Vimeo.

perhaps this is the future of higher ed tuition…


Anya Kamenetz has a lot of direction to offer in that regard. DIY U is a great resource.

anya kamenetz at #wec10

DIY U: The Transformation of Higher Education (part 1 & 2)
Master plan is dead with current round of budget crisis.
College ed has become trapped in an unsustainable cost spiral.
There’s a relevance question in higher ed... after many generations saying that college ed is key to success and prosperity,
but now – economy is changing so quickly that the degree that they get now might not be the same when I finish.
I’m not able to choose to study what I think is going to be relevant for me.
diyu isn’t a road map but a compass
These transformations don’t just come from the tools, but from an attitude.. summed up in one word..
content – open license that anyone can access content   (mit) – only the first step, an infrastructure so that then you can build… on…socialization
socialization – enable to teach online with huge benefits like in classroom – like video chats, twitterfeeds, (tutor) – taking open content and organizing courses around it
accreditation – who gets opportunity and who gets credit, how do you prove that someone has taught themselves online
provide an assessment based model – based on passing assessments – created from scratch, rather than saying i got a degree – because of requirements, actual tests/content
behance? – upload profiles, community rating system, employers go on site and select, get a job based on the work you demonstrate
this is what i’ve done… vs diploma
most decisions are made by faculty, legislators, parents, but very little are made by students
the real change that has to happen is to change the way we look at the ed process.
same ideals of early schools, scholars pursuing knowledge for the love of knowledge, total free inquiry in a way that had never been done before
latin – universitas = communities
Another great resource mentioned in what about grades – James Bach’s Buccaneer-Scholar
gathering info on alt forms of admission, and alternate options here.
And James Altucher’s – 40 Alternatives to College
And Blake Boles’ – Better Than College & College Without High School
And Roger Schank’s – education on demand
Karl Fisch on higher ed.
Alternative thinking/marketing for higher ed.. et al.
higher ed brochure color
perhaps – some of this…(mentor ecosystem)
check out ivory tower – coming out july 2014..
with Anya