walk 30

walking 30 min


that’s simple.

as is using their free app to acquire sponsorships for a charity of your choosing.

so now you’re halving (rather than having) health issues by the physical act of walking, your heart feels better from the giving..

perhaps – throw in a foot massage – do half of it barefoot..

 the barefoot challenge

Soil has healing properties; it draws out toxins from the body.
Minerals that get lost on their way to us otherwise seep in directly
from the touch of mother earth. Walking barefoot on mother
earth is like hugging your mother.
Nature has made our feet sensitive. We have many acupressure
points on our feet, which love to be massaged. But we deprive
our feet of different surfaces by continuously covering them
with thick chappals, or walking on flat tiled floor.
Try this experiment. Twice a day, walk barefoot on bare earth for 15 min.


more simple