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Ira Socol (@irasocol) tweeted at 6:18 AM – 9 Aug 2019 : 

The Great American Lawn: How the Dream Was Manufactured (

7 min video:

from 1791

require tremendous upkeep – symbolize pride of homeownership

but .. pesticides into water supplies.. gas lawnmowers to climate change with no agri value

washington and jefferson popularize in america but.. only those who can afford it.. and groomed via backs of slaves

1830 – lawnmower invented

3 min – by 1870.. in america.. start to see lawns for the privileged masses..

having perfect lawn is part of what makes a model citizen.. judged by those traveling thru

1871 – first garden hose.. lawncare market becomes big business

1880 – lawns place in society.. well kept yard denotes a good time.. idea of yardwork as relaxing pass time.. ..

1920s – golf

outdoor expression of 50s conformitism – but not meant for everyone.. ie: people of color

lawns become an iconic symbol recognized by most but attainable only by some.. those who can continue to chase the dream


CityLab (@CityLab) tweeted at 4:28 AM – 29 Oct 2019 :
Two artists are pushing against the popular idea of the lawn. This is why: (

Percoco and Irons are trying to change that mentality where they can. “Because we’re doing this as art, it allows us to slip it into spaces it would never otherwise fly here in the United States,” Irons said. “I’ve been amazed that institutions with lawns are willing to let us rip them up when we frame it as sculpture. I’ve also been excited to talk with people about how the soil is alive—not just teeming with microbes, insects, and worms, but also with little dormant packages of plant life just waiting to burst into leafy green goodness, that can breathe alongside us, build soil, provide food and cover for nonhuman animals, and pleasure and health benefits to us humans.”


on lawns and walk\ing\ness and walk\able ness

Golf is so weird. Huge swathes of landscape culled and privatised because men are too scared to just ask their friend if they want to go for a walk
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manufacturing consent et al toward civilization et al