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have seen his name connected w ie: dmytri, flok society, commons transition.. but not looked into him until michel shared this on fb:

congrats to our P2P Lab colleagues and its coordinator Vasilis Kostakis,

I am SO happy that our cosmo-local strategic priority will get the deserved traction through this:

“Vasilis Kostakis, Senior Researcher at the TTÜ Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance received today the prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant. Estonian Research Council has confirmed that this year Tallinn University of Technology is the only ERC Starting Grant nominee in Estonia.


Dr. Kostakis will use the €1.1 million ERC Starting Grant for a four-year research project titled “Cosmolocalism” that will advance understanding of the future of work in the age of automation and beyond.”


Despite his rather short academic career, Dr. Kostakis has built an impressive research community around his visionary research on governance of P2P technologies that reaches from TalTech to Harvard and engages the global P2P community,” says Karo.

“We are sure that his ERC Grant will have a global impact by proposing a more sustainable future for our technology-infused society,” Karo adds.

as it could be..

2 convos.. as infra

what we need most: the energy of 7bn alive people.. to get us back to an undisturbed ecosystem


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this is historic in my modest opinion <g>, as P2P Governance, unlike peer production, has not been recognized by academia: Vasilis Kostakis has been nominated as Professor of P2P Governance at Tallinn University of Technology



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on p2p site:

Vasilis Kostakis is a Senior Researcher at Tallinn University of Technology and a Faculty Associate at Harvard University. He is also a Visiting Associate Professor at Autonomous University of Barcelona. Vasilis is the founder of the P2P Lab and a core member of the P2P Foundation.

has list of articles may want to read


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with a great 3-minute video, spoken by P2P-Lab founder Vasilis Kostakis, about one of our leading research projects for the next 3 years, about cosmo-local forms of commons-based production,



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