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intro’d to Trent here (blockchain ness):

Blockchain Meetup CH (@blockchainerCH) tweeted at 3:02 AM – 12 Dec 2016 :

The recording of #Blockchains Switzerland Meetup hosting @trentmc0 Trent McConaghy talking about @BigchainDB (

trent starts at 5 min..

7 min – big problem w internet in general.. getting paid.. compensating creators

perhaps www ness is here to help us disengage from measuring transactions.. no?

8 min – whatever put on internet.. lose power over it..

perhaps www ness is here to help us disengage from power.. no? why we haven’t yet

10 min – is there a solution to this.. ? where personal data is sovereign.. equal opp for banking.. (why so many can’t get banking accounts)… lot of opps for more equitable society

perhaps www ness is here to help us get to equity: everyone getting a go everyday.. not everyone gets ie: paid for work.. finally..

11 min – elements of computing: processing storage community

13 min – purpose of database is query

what if life/equity is less about query of info in database.. and more about query of curiosity in person.. well then.. perhaps.. self-talk as data becomes our focus.. asking a person (self) everyday.. rather than asking computer… w/in pkg deal of existing info

34 min – icann got captured..

35 min – unmonastery


42 min – having title to land is bottom rung of ladder for climbing out of poverty..

well.. not actually..

let’s try disengaging from titles..

57 min – doing this for internet.. not for profit..

still killing us.. if talking pay/tokens.. et al.. missing the capability of the tech…

58 min – it’s a myth that you need a token based network in order to be decentralized

yeah. that.. (this is when i decided to add page)

1:00 – there’s probably going to be a market for cashing.. global cashing..

? .. is that a token..?

on speeds.. and cashing .. for consensus..

disengage from cashing .. from consensus..

1:01 – on scaling and databases getting full

deep address ness


nov 2016

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A decentralized content registry could lead directly to a flowering of business models. Rather than relying on an advertising or streaming business model, many other ideas could be rapidly explored, to the benefit of all. YouTube pays less than 1/8 ¢ to play a video, even if I get 10 cents or $1 utility from it. In that difference lies opportunity for all — creators, connectors, audiences, entrepreneurs, existing rights holders.

why business..? imagine all the weight/space lifted if we let go of business ness and ip ness et al.. all the measuring/validating ness

We need a global content registry: a decentralized database for IP, as part of the emerging decentralized Web.

how about a decentralized database for connection


june 2016

Interview – Bigchain DB | Dutch Blockchain Conference #dbc16

interviewer: your goal: to make a blockchain data base for the world.. that’s ambitious

trent: the internet was ambitious.. yet it exists… we want to

not just a data base for planet.. this tech can be used for enterprises.. for finance/banking etc..

why compromise us.. when you know potential of tech..?

we’ve been in the field before it was a field called blockchain for several years… 5 areas: identity; ip; financial; energy; supply chain

imagine we just do the last two..

the two main applications are the first two.. id and ip

imagine ps in the open ness

interviewer: world is org’d by countries.. that’s a *fact.. so for world data base.. how do countries interfere with that..

*fake news ness

trent: very useful to work w/in the law.. to help augment existing system.. ie: right now ip laws exist.. but if i’m a creator and someone rips off my work.. how do i prove that it was me

1\ how is anything one person’s work  2\ if no money.. measuring of transaction.. and all focus is on last and supply chain.. what does rip off even mean..

3 min – we need to build bridges.. we don’t advocate re writing laws.. here’s how you can work w law now.. but bit by bit.. build bridges to the new world..

4 min – diff ledgers that people can roll however they like.. ie: diamonds; banks..

*sharing data w/o fully having to trust each other..


let’s try hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data… *sharing data because we’re fully trusting each other

6 min – land registry in ghana

why do we need that..?

germany’s largest electric utility.. de regulate as decentralization


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My vision is to have a shared public database for the internet, to allow sovereign management of personal data and to celebrate the cultural commons while compensating creators. Towards this, I spend my days working on the IPDB network & foundation, BigchainDB blockchain database software, Coala IP protocol, and serving as an advisor to the Estonian E-residency program. These are building blocks towards my long-term goal – to help ensure that humanity has a role in an increasingly autonomous world.