tom kelley

tom kelley

brother of David, ideo et al


adding page while listening to this interview by Jonathan on good life project

mainly we had lots of room to play.. it was ok to do stuff

wasn’t so much parents were trying to instill creativity as we were free to experiment

experimentation is how we learn and explore

coming from angle of experiment.. people are ok with that.. then if doesn’t work out..

i’m the leader.. but i don’t know.. i’m all in experimenting as well..

14 min – design thinking (started as need thinking – rather than solve problems first.. find needs first) – 1\ start with empathy 2\ experimentation 3\ once solution found – story telling aspect – wrap message in story – data doesn’t speak very well – we used to think stories were what you used when you didn’t have data

17 min – i stopped writing business plan and started writing copy – on empathy – and getting into people – jonathan

19 min – on parsing down big data.. big groups.. to people…hybrid insights.. i can’t design for 48% but i can design for rebecca

35 min – at its best.. it’s just about life – on 3rd book – after David’s throat cancer – 40% chance – we had this tacit agreement not to talk about future.. just to live for now.. – 8 yrs later.. promise 1\ trip together 2\ project together (book – creative confidence – not available for recommend on overdrive)

39 min – how do we tap into the 79% of people in world who don’t tap into creativity..

perhaps a nother way – untapped resource: energy ness – let’s do this first

42 min – good % of good ideas killed by team leader – jonathan

46 min – on falling out of the comparative mode

maintaining curiosity important to maintaining a good life..


2013 – on creativity – tedxtokyo

civilizations for 1000s yrs believed creativity was only arts.. not sciences..

daily creativity doesn’t sound much like muses… and magic… but more like science..

5 ideas to boost creativity:

1\ if you want to be extraordinary try to stop being ordinary

sternberg – all creative people had in common all at some point just chose to be creative…  creative not typically default setting for adult human brain – but all have power to choose.. right now

science of people.. 1 yr to be 5 (we’ve become not us)

2\ capturing best ideas… short term memory 15-20 sec – what if you had a capture device

chip app ness – self talk as data – to capture and dance.. with all of us.. sync matters

3\ mental distance from problem… people come up with more creative answers if they think problem came from distant country  ie: imagine 20 yrs into future and you are 21 yrs old

4\ switch off self-critique – charles limb (ted – talks jazz musicians.. in mri machine… switch from playing memorized to improv… 1\ creativity region lights up 2\ self-critique region gets quiet

with nothing to prove

5\ push the muse button – jonah lehrer – frontal cortex – good at helping you act like a grown up – not good at creativity.. many kids see a drop in creativity about the 4th grade… same time frontal cortex grows.. it goes to sleep at night.. why you have creative dreams.. think of snooze on alarm as muse button… on staying in bed when you wake… let mind wander in state of relaxed attention.. and see if have new ideas… jot them down…

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