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intro’d to Tom here (via tweet from @JimSpivey3 – which was response to this: Labels are distancing phenomena. They push us away from each other. – Leo Buscaglia…)

Knowing is the enemy of learning: TEDxSemesteratSea 2014

the de bugging of collective consciousness… (filling 3 journals w tiny writing)

self talk as data – as detoxas the day – a nother way

3 mindshifts:

1\ knowing is enemy of learning.. difficult to be in state of knowing and state of learning at same time… knowing is where you draw upon existing experience.. don’t draw upon new data.. learning is opposite process.

experts are good at being in a constant state of knowing.. that has paralyzed our society..

2\ see the verbs not the nouns

6 min – we put a noun to a thing and as soon as we’re done we’re done thinking about it

labels ness

8 min – real danger when we do this with people – in a tenth of a second we’re done thinking about them.. done engaging with them.. capacity of compassion lessoned… all the isms that plague us.. originate here

communication ness – assuming it’s been accomplished

3\ using reality as your medium

when people are able to create within their medium is where we see creative masterpieces..

11 min – ie: place problem will happen is there.. so i’m going to go there…

rev of everyday life ness

on wikipedia not working in theory.. but working in practice.. it doesn’t actually matter that we know how the thing is solved… see… that it does work..

zittrain and wikipedia


fast solutions for a brighter future – rapid prototyping entrepreneurship – tedxkyoto2013

prototyping rule 1\ find the quickest path to experience

prototyping rule 2\ doing is the best kind of thinking

purpose of prototyping process: max the rate of learning by minimizing the time to try ideas

prototyping ness

reduce time to try – rework and unreasonable – boulder co

imagine shortening time between intention and action.. everyday .. as the day.. for all of us..

11 min – describing function of app/chip – only not money bound – and iterating to approaching 24/7 the day

13 min – essence of entrepreneurship – what it means to serve a community


re intro’d to Tom jan 2016 here (via fb share by Vishen Lakhiani)

My friend Tom Chi who is perhaps one of the most brilliant people in America (co-founder of Google X and built the first Google Glass) developed an amazing TedX talk on the idea of “Connectedness”. We think of ‘connectedness’ as a spiritual concept of oneness. While this is a valid believe for many (including me) Tom goes further, dives into science, and shows how, by merging biology, cosmology, physics and chemistry — we are far more connected than you might think. Watch – this is mesmerising and mind-blowing.

Everything is connected — Here’s how: | TEDxTaipei

years after being a scientist.. matured out of that to world of people.. way harder to understand than the universe..

as i learn about people.. very interested in the gaps that sill remain for us as human beings and us as a civilization relative to the challenges that are around us..

everything is connected.. – when people says that.. it’s like .. something they wish it was true.. like it’s unprovable

story of

1\ heart – heart of our heart is an ion atom… the only way iron is created in uni is through super novas/stars.. uni started w/basically no iron at all.. only through process of stars exploding… was iron able to be created that now courses through each one of our veins.. why stars form: galactic collisions…. the immeasurable dance.. 100 000 galaxies dances… star formations.. ions in veins.. in this way everyone of our heartbeats is connected

2\ breath – taking a deep breath is one of the most simple ways to connect w/our own bodies.. deeply grounded calming breath.. but taking deep breath not possible 3 bill years ago… photosynthesis… before ozone layer existed.. not able to sustain complex multi cellular life.. nothing you can imagine today could exist.. w/o tiny organisms.. now called chloroplasts.. contributing photosynthesis and making energy for plants that continue to be other half of our lungs here on earth.. every outbreath mirrored by inbreath of plant.. how we’re interconnected…. on purpose – on every breath you take contributing to possibility of countless lives after you.. meaning of life.. not even w/in scope of our understanding

3\ mind – explained through a piano… it is so nuanced/textured/complex.. can create w/sound that dazzles us.. but if you look into mind of concert pianist.. can see how much of brain is invested in this.. this pattern/structure of thought in brain not possible couple hundred years ago.. because piano not invented till 1700.. relationship to piano not a thinkable thought.. the mechanics/invention themselves not a thinkable thought.. concept: the palette of being – into life w/experiences of humanity that have come to us so far.. way of being (piano) that didn’t exist 5 yrs ago..  born into life.. in process of life.. have opportunity to create a new color.. might come through ie: self-driving car, computer, … each one of these ways of being.. allow us to expand the palette of being for all society after us

frame of all this – we think about universe as .. we’re this tiny unimportant can we matter… like a container relationship.. everything good comes from outside… but palette says.. the way we are.. affects the society/biosphere/et al is.. if possible for bacteria to completely transform the physical environment of our planet.. absolutely possible for us to do the same things….

we’ve been given this amazing gift of consciousness.. to understand our connectedness.. we’re the ones that have our decision of how we’re going to use that knowledge to change our lives..

societies that deeply adopt this idea.. deepen expression/understanding for each other..

because our hearts/breath/mind are connected in this way.. we need to understand what it means to live from this truth..

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3. Talks/Workshops that Unlock Mindsets & Possibilities

I systematically experiment with ways of thinking/doing in search of newtools of consciousness that most effectively solve problems and move us toward a prosperous global society. In talks & workshops, I share the best of these tools in a practical way:

app chip

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unreasonable mentor 2015: