scott ludlam

scott ludlam

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Despair and Defiance – Senator Scott Ludlam in Conversation with Julian Assange

18 min – the best way to collapse a movement is to tell the people that they won.. so we need to take a good hard look at what we were opposing.. ton abbott or sexual abuse in concentration camps.. abbott or the aboriginal destruction.. etc..

21 min – i’ve been reading for years a lot of systems theory… ubiquity.. says the earthquake when it begins doesn’t know how long it’s going to be..

systems ness – antifragility

22 min – central lesson – majority had enough of attacks on common good.. all that power is still there.. not in destructive sense of earthquake… to hope for something more than swing back and forth of evil and mediocrity..

23 min – noam: smart way to keep people passive and obedient.. is to limit spectrum of opinion but with lively debate..

spinach or rock ness

25 min – medium used to build global civic society.. now military wants it back… 1% owns wealth.. dangerous… ie: syria.. fleeing..

syrian refugees

26 min – arundhati – another world not only possible.. she’s on her way.. and on a quiet day i can hear her breathing..

a nother way.. leapfrog to that.

28 min –  krishna quote – but from someone else..?

no measure of health krishnamurti

29 min – scott asks julian why he had to publish book – wikileaks files – why not by others.. because only 1000s of academics from other countries.. a confounding mystery… the one academic field.. wouldn’t touch it.. the hypothesis was.. something strange about us/anglo/academia and foreign policy keeps it away – there is a policy by largest foreign relations journals.. never to publish a paper.. that has wikileaks derived materials in it..

32 min – us govt told every employee they should never read wikileaks material

33 min – a bizarre quasi religious world they have created.. elaborate rituals.. of classified documents et al.. social cues.. flaunting security clearances..

35 min – altogether 50 mill people…  not able to turn their mind to single largest repository..

36 min – keep falling in this hole.. material that should have been but wasn’t produced.. the phenomenon reflects the corruption of us/english speaking academia.. because of its over proximity to the state dept in terms of feeder schools, think tanks… aspiring to security clearances.., or scared about prosecution..

37 min – so description of the world is not the description of the world as it actually exists.. because our description rests on what academics/journalists are able to do..

38 min – scott asking – what does the book tell us about how the world actually works..

julian: word empire – a modern empire.. outside u.s… it’s questioned whether u.s. is an empire… not that much questioned w/in u.s…. 2002 charles crauthammer: people coming out of closet on word empire..  reflecting unrivaled dominance of us culturally, tech, military, …

google stats: words in books published in english.. over 30 yr period to 2008 450% increase of phrase u.s. empire.. w/o any increase in: leftwing imperialism..

43 min – on question.. if nothing to hide, nothing to fear.. for most people ok.. problem.. dynamic equilibrium of powers.. that dynamic is what keeps bargaining power for individuals w/in society.. when one actor or allied power group starts making life difficult.. can change support via info flow.. ie: investigative journalism/gossip/pricing info… keeps us aware of what’s happening in society.. there’s not many critical elements (journalists/politicians).. but when some of these critical elements can’t function.. then.. you have something to fear…. so if you eliminate their ability to operate… all lose..

48 min – very easy to not see the empire for all the cables..

51 min – if you go back through the cables.. you can see a slow geometric growth…

the book has 17 authors…

53-56 min – q: on greatest evil of 2015 – julian: our job to support elements in population who have taken on role to keep public aware of truth (not sure what he was pinning it on – importance of people having accurate info)

59 min – a broader phenomenon going on.. that human beings.. to be human (chomsky) is to communicate…our real specialty.. the scale of human language has now been conquered by computation.. the human population is small in terms of human population times number of words humans speaks each day…  ie: nsa, etc, …. quite a number of organizations can record total intellectual output of humanity on a constant basis.. this dwarfing of the human by automation we should feel threatened by..  and considerably more concerned threatened when occurring in opaque unaccountable agencies..

1:01 – in some ways not so worried about nsa on its own.. we went head to head with snowden… we were able to be victorious.. but it’s more a reflection of their incompetence of bureaucracy.. that phenomenon of incompetence induces by secrecy and corruption induced by secrecy.. something i find comforting… the only thing that saves us as a species.. the plethora of bureaucracy/incompetence/corruption… question.. will that continue to save us.. concerned ie: merger of organization like google and nsa.. quite competent org’s that are fast/efficient.. because of market and relative open ness..  relationship between commercial sector and intelligence agency.. is dangerous because of commercial sectors competencies.. sucking out commercial sector gains nsa more

1:05 – surveillance will increase.. (barring ginormous financial threat or some strange cult taking over)… because of computation increase.. automatic analysis increasing at tremendous speed.. via commercial agencies..

1:11 – when you stitch world together you get global markets.. inevitable.. those already on top get even bigger.. similarly increased automation, ie: apple, is able to be run w something like 100000 employees… many fewer than before – so don’t have to spread wealth so much.. so amount of bargaining power to force redistribution is decreasing

1:13 – on this view.. suddenly smart ai will turn on… i don’t see that.. ai already here.. ai and mt (machine translation) 1960s  .. we’re done with that part, similarly voice recognition is getting reasonably good… many diff aspects of human ability slowly being conquered… as look at human brain… many diff systems…

1:15 – quaint notion that in the end.. humans are the consumers.. and that’s not true.. it doesn’t all go in the end to contribute to consumer market.. there’s no need in the end for the human market to exist at all.. in the end you can just have computer controlled companies engaging with each other… to extract resources/energy/dominance…

people inside nsa/google.. they get off on this vision.. religious view: that computers one day will be so powerful.. upload brains in them and live in a sort of heaven inside computer system…rather… computers will be used to take over other companies. to gain access and fight over resources… and to line the military

1:17 – what keeps you going: these constant amazing/beautiful discoveries of incompetence and corruption.. majority of the trajectory we are on now…. people are inventive… there will be many unpredictable/destabilizing inventions.. chance of econ collapse.. that would regress state of advancement.

if we continue on same computational increases… now called in academia: a surveillance capitalism… let me explain…. traditional: exchange of goods, info:  not same.. because infinitely reproducable.. often as an externality.. but positive form.. you talking on phone creates pos externality for google..  use that to influence people in world and get greater access to resources/energy.. ie: google bought up a number of drone and ai companies… learning how to play war games.. also a mapping company.. nows place/interest/et al.. now drones.. beginning with postal drones.. if natives get restless.. also military drones.. via google…  that’s where we’re going unless there’s a de stabilizing force.. i’m not sure talking about it is enough of a force.

what keeps me going… i like a challenge.. i think that’s a really big challenge.. stimulating to try and take that thing on …


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Scott Ludlam (born 10 January 1970) is an Australian politician who has been a Greens member of theAustralian Senate since July 2008, representing the state of Western Australia.