via Rutger share on fb – Brian Eno talking on scenius – and the need for all-of-us ness:

great ideas articulated by individuals.. nearly always generated by community.. what i see as the waste is the waste we make of that coop intelligence

genius is process of singling out certain people.. whenever look at any of them.. see.. they lived/drew from flourishing scene..

all those people you call genius (creative intelligence of individual) sat in the middle of scenius (creative intelligence of a community)…

what that means is:

1\ understanding that all people are born unequal.. so everybody has a set of particular/unique set of gifts/talents

2\ intelligence is generated by communities…

biggest obstacle to that.. is that people have to earn a living..

earn a living ness

my first message to people.. try to not get a (paying) job.. leave yourself so that you are in charge of your time..

luxury ness..

obstacle: most people aren’t in a position to do that..

i want to do anything to work toward a future where everybody is in a position to do that..

let’s try this: a nother way..

ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data.. as the day..

bi – is closest i’ve heard to a future i’d like to live in.

perhaps bi ness as a temp/placebo.. to no money.. no measuring of transactions.. et al..

trusting/facilitating our interconnectedness to make/let the dance dance..


from Austin Kleon