entirely new.

how to get there.

perhaps one of our biggest roadblocks to mindshifting to betterness.. to moving-on ness.. to mindlessfullness about the status quo.. is our belief that reinventing the wheel (like when people say – we don’t need to reinvent the wheel) is inefficient, and thus (via an invisible, long, swaggered trail.. of thus ness) not behooving of a human.

imagine what the world would be like if we decided that reinvent\ing ourselves (aka: setting ourselves free) everyday mattered. if every human truly felt like they got a do-over (a clean slate/shed)…..everyday. [like – the ing matters most.]

ie: as below on wikipedia:

To reinvent the wheel is to duplicate a basic method that has already previously been created or optimized by others.

so what if we reinvent reinvention. to not be duplicating.. to not be assuming optimization ness. what if instead of tweaking up a duplication.. we truly reinvent. what if we reinvent us.

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To reinvent the wheel is to duplicate a basic method that has already previously been created or optimized by others.

The inspiration for this idiomatic metaphor lies in the fact that the wheel is the archetype of human ingenuity, both by virtue of the added power and flexibility it affords its users, and also in the ancient origins which allow it to underlie much, if not all, of modern technology. As it has already been invented, and is not considered to have any operational flaws, an attempt to reinvent it would be pointless and add no value to the object, and would be a waste of time, diverting the investigator’s resources from possibly more worthy goals which his skills could advance more substantially.


perhaps we boldly quit spinning our wheels and literally reinvent the wheel. by reinvent\ing us.

perhaps we give us all permission to – be 5 again – everyday. to operate more naturally. to be stigmergically us. each one shedding/creating/breathing .. fresh.












the phrase –If I have seen further it is by standing on ye shoulders of Giants. – Newton – feeds into this. when perhaps – most (if not all) of those giants would really wish for us to take in – but not so much duplicate. it’s not that we don’t want/need to use what we already have.. but perhaps we need to see all that – more as accessory… than necessity. perhaps all we need is how we can figure things out.. what to do when we don’t know what to do.

perhaps since we now have the capability of x-d vision (or not – depending on how we wear/use our glasses) – puts us in an awesome time to reinvent. to reinvent us.

beyond tweaking functionality… we can now address/access/perpetuate/facilitate and everyday why… an everyday aliveness of 7 billion plus people.


ie: what if it’s less about policy and more about trust; less about teaching and more about listening; less about 5-10-20 yr plans and more about everyday possibles;

what if the shortest distance between two points (ie: where we are today and where we want to be) is to reinvent. 24/7. from scratch. (not with empty pockets, hearts, minds, et al – we’ve learned/created much – but with open/raw curiosity – like we were all 5 again)


tweaking (fine tuning the wheel we already have) is killing us.

1. obsessing about/over improvements of things we don’t really care about/need (ie: how to raise test scores, pass bills, change laws, grow economically, choice,…)

what if.. politics, schools, money.. are no longer needed (if they ever were) – what if they are getting in the way – what if our obsession with improving them is our biggest obstacle.. and we’re not even questioning it.. because the disease has overtaken us.. they themselves (perhaps especially school) perpetuate a supposed to mindset. what if choice is difficult, only because we insist on picking one. what if we embrace the and ness of our times. our old wheel mindset says that’s not concrete enough, not defined enough, not orderly enough, not profitable enough. how do you compete when there is no scarcity of choice/option. we keep competing for things neither side really wants.. we really don’t want sides. but we don’t know/believe that – because that’s not part of the holy grail wheel we keep remixing/upgrading/tweaking.

2. the act of it is obsessing (#1) is making us believe we’re doing the best we can

it’s not that people aren’t working hard. or at least stressing hard about things not seeming right. it’s just that we keep reinventing the same wheel.

 – – – –

we can reinvent all we want.. but until we reinvent us.. we will be spinning.. our.. wheels..

– – – –

as i’m writing.. Carol is posting/sharing:

“It is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top,” a great artist once said. Science is a tool of breathtaking power and beauty, but it is not a good parent; it must be balanced by something broader, deeper, older. Like wind and weather, like ecosystems and microorganisms, like snow crystals and evolution, human learning remains untamed, unpredictable, a blossoming fractal movement so complex and so mysterious that none of us can measure or control it. But we are part of that fractal movement, and the ability to help our offspring learn and grow is in our DNA. We can begin rediscovering it now. Experiment. Observe. Listen. Explore the thousand other ways of learning that still exist all over the planet. Read the data and then set it aside. Watch your child’s eyes, what makes them go dull and dead, what makes them brighten, quicken, glow with light. That is where learning lies.