where efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right thing..


Russell Ackoff..

data, information, understanding, knowledge,  – all concerned with increasing efficiency

wisdom… is concerned with effectiveness

 difference between doing things right and doing the right thing .. – Peter Drucker

it’s better to do the right things wrong than the wrong things right..

most problems today are consequences of doing the wrong things right..

instead of looking at the efficiency of objectives.. best to re-examine the objectives..

it’s not a matter of efficiency, it’s a matter of effectiveness


it’s like – measurable (efficiency) vs useable/useful (effectiveness)

if we want things to last (like a good/alive people), then we need to quit measuring things.. measuring causes dependence on extrinsic motivation.. as well as dependence/blind allegiance in the myth that alive things can be measured..

if we want things efficient.. by all means measure.. algorithm-u-late.. just don’t expect that efficiency (or whatever) to last (stay/be alive).. when extrinsic motivators are gone (or even if they stay)

so perhaps.. if you’re able to measure/predict/algorithm-ize something.. that could be a sign of non-effectiveness (of people)

alive people are more like pi (never ending, never repeating), less like algorithm.