re de fine school

crazy. defn graphic above and wikipedia page (on leisure).. which often has ie: greek meaning.. seems to miss the essence we crave ….(or simply define a word differently.. which is fine.. but our obsession with the day is perhaps.. most marred by this offbeat defn.. no?)

quotes below from Maria’s post [just go there – take a swim]:

In 1948, only a year after the word “workaholic” was coined in Canada and a year before an American career counselor issued the first concentrated countercultural clarion call for rethinking work, the German philosopher Josef Pieper (May 4, 1904–November 6, 1997) penned Leisure, the Basis of Culture (public library) — a magnificent manifesto for reclaiming human dignity in a culture of compulsive workaholism, triply timely today, in an age when we have commodified our aliveness so much as to mistake making a living for having a life.

The Greek word for “leisure,” σχoλη, produced the Latin scola, which in turn gave us the English school 

— our institutions of learning, presently preparation for a lifetime of industrialized conformity, were

once intended as a mecca of “leisure” and contemplative activity.

redefine school.. as equity (everyone getting a go everyday) as the day. or perhaps as this suggests.. go back to an original definition… but make it for all of us.. won’t work w/o all of us..

let’s try this..

equity everyone every day

via 2 convos ..

as the day..

a nother way


redefine – as equity

public – concerning all the people

education – to draw from within in

let’s facil that.. [curiosity of 7 bn people.. everyday.. as the day]