redefine – as equity

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Perhaps compulsory curriculum/seat-time/test scores as a means to funding for people/resources is getting in the way of what matters most.

Perhaps redefining public ed matters [verses re-imagining or ? ..]. because equity matters.

if equity is everyone getting a go every day.. redefining public education becomes revolution of everyday life.. aka: global equity

Many people are re-imagining public ed. In incredibly cool ways. The only problem is that those ways aren’t accessible to everyone, right now. Some depend on where you live, some on what teacher you get, or what space you get, what resources you have. Some depend on your financial ability to choose. Most depend on assumed basics to be learned.

If we redefine public ed, to be about people, about relationships, then everyone gets a go.

If we redefine public ed to be something that requires no prep, no training, very little policy, then everyone gets a go today.

If we redefine public ed, to eliminate all the time/money/people we spend on proving things, on classroom management, we find we have all we need.

We find equity.

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let's not wait

no doubt there are plenty of really cool things going on… if we can just call it the day. abandon the obedience we have to days we aren’t choosing.

ie: short as a global systemic change

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