nature of economies

3 min – what we can do w hands/brains.. comes from nature.. we use it naturally..

(on doing philanthropic things): we do if we can afford them.. people on the constant edge of hunger can’t be very philanthropic

4 min – competition is very important..


5 min – we can’t plan economies

6 min – people don’t talk about these things (things other than economy = money) because they haven’t been taught them.. they’ve been taught something else.. most people..

7 min – .. you know the chance to think about anything as much as you want to a great luxury and most people don’t have it..t

imagine the world if they did.. we’d have ie: eudaimoniative surplus

i wouldn’t have it if i had to earn my living some other way

gaiman luxury law.. sans earn a living ness

8 min – some people define stock market as econ.. stock markets are a symptom.. economy is what people do to make their livings.. the more prosperous the economy is.. the more choices there are in it

yeah.. we need at least 7bn choices.. everyday.. so we can follow curiosity/whimsy.. rather than supposed to‘s

9 min – i think ideologies are blinders.. the kind of mind i have is scientific.. i respect observation and experiment.. and what happens.. not abstracts/theories about what ought to be/happen.. i like to know how things really work

but what if you keep observing/experimenting w whales in sea world..

10 min – human capital is wonderful .. it doesn’t run out.. the more you use it the more you have of it


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I have been re-reading The Nature of Economies. I really miss her.

book on request from prospect


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She is so sharp. The Government being the last place to look for inventiveness is keen insight.

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so to me..

more than richard’s ‘But reality today is community participation is effective—as a mech for creating/reinforcing/accompanying restrictive zoning & land use policies‘  (from original article at beginning of thread)..

we need to design for spaces of permission/luxury..  and use tech to listen to 7bn people everyday (as it could be)