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founder of the mosaic school


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the mosaic school

We believe here that working with each child to maintain their natural curiosity and desire to learn is the most important philosophy to follow. The method to get there with each child may vary since they are all different. .

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aug 2015 – Blake interviews Nancy and Thomas:

agile learning centers… like a lean democratic/free school.. ie: using tools/software to shorten/lessen meetings.. not focused on policing each other

agile – in software development.. moving from a place of managers/authoritarianism.. to more freedom and autonomy.. so in ed – starting with kids and realizing they have all the inherent qualities already in them… so software to help them ie: set intentions for the day. if we had a hidden curriculum.. self-development..

software is like trello – a to do list ish

hard to find adults that can help kids see the done column w/o placing judgment…

required – weekly meetings.. 2 a week. mon and fri

36 min – on using conbon board – what do you want to do today..

do whatever you want.. curiosity as your label.. to find your tribe. as the day.

app\chip ness

42 min – thomas on emerging leader labs

47 min – on future wish – thomas: i have many different fantasies.. and i try not to get to attached to any of them


social fiction ness..