social (non) fiction

social non fiction

in shipping/sharing a be us book as social fiction, we didn’t do a ginormous call out for people to share their stories of social fiction.

so to that..

1. it’s already happening

in so many ways/places [ie: imagining learning, choose 2 matter, generations of wisdom, peace for children africa, shikshantar, childsi, youth voices, education cities, .. several more noted in Everywhere All the Time, … and at Jack et al, .. and in Blessed Unrest,.. and .. and.. and.. you/we know many many more…  if we just lean in and listen.  no?]

the huge desire we have.. and so … why we wrote a be us book.. is to hasten the day that everyone gets to play at this. equity – everyone getting a go – today.

2. for those who have more

that you would like to share.. please feel free to email us – top right of site – your social (non) fiction, your dreams, your vision of life in a day .. assuming complete freedom AND complete accessibility to people and resources you might choose to do/be things with AND perhaps a timely means to help you connect/find your people on a daily basis.

3. for those who would like to hear more

we’ll add more here – as people share – like:

my dream day