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What about common core?
Latest on the common core.. you decide..what about them?
[disclaimer: it took me 2 minutes to go to our district site, find this. i’m not fishing. broad daylight. yet – in the clouds of assumption/compulsion.]

cc essential

what ? really ? what?

cc close up

Cool?  yes.

Essential? for what? for every person?

And look at some required/mandated/compulsory evidences…

cc imag numbers

close up..

cc imag close up

No standards/assumptions/management needed for curiosity.

cure for curiosity

Imagine if our standard is – free to be curious.
what if we restated…

detox as common core

astra taylor quote


check out Chris Tienken – he’s read every document since 1964..  has great insight to share.

more of an ugly rant from 2011.
backlash against common core
latest from the cc people – a video –
super – if we really want our kids’ lives to be about –

being measured – and competing..

in school math.

let’s think hard about that.


if it could even happen.

95% et al.


and the following is not good – but when you start looking at the hours/money/stress/classroom-management/lost-curiosities et al – spent on prep – beyond not good.. no?

Catherine Gewertz reports in Education Week that the new Common Core tests created by the PARCC consortium of states will require up to ten hours, depending on grade level.

Here is the projection:

“The amount of time students will have to complete both the performance-based and end-of-year components in math and English/language arts:
Grade 3: 8 hours
Grades 4-5: 9 hours, 20 minutes
Grades 6-8: 9 hours, 25 minutes
Grades 9-10: 9 hours, 45 minutes
Grades 11-12: 9 hours, 55 minutes”


common core is a misnomer – no? no set of anything is common enough to bring about equity. humanity is too wonderously diverse for that. from a math perspective alone, the common core is still catering to perhaps 10% of  humanity. i’m thinking – the only focus that we could ever consider as common – would be a process of learning to learn, what to do when you don’t know what to do.

we’re losing time that could be spent on learning/living/being/doing, because instead, most of us are making/faking our way through a credentialing system based on a belief that our ultimate goal is becoming globally competitive. we spend so much time/money/energy on what most people will never need. lacing it in a tidy new verbiage every so often, so that most people remain blind to what’s taking up their days. we get an a on pluralistic ignorance here. those **articles (among thousands of others) are great evidence. policy/prep/training – all are certainly helping us miss people – helping us miss us.

[Peter Attia talks of obesity in much the same way here.]

i think addressing the effects of common core is huge. we are all puppets to the godhead of standardization, until we wake/stand up to anything compulsory. the difference today, why we can wake/stand up – is that we have a means to facilitating the chaos of a non-compulsory public ed. we have a doable alternative.

 ** articles referenced:


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much eye candy for debunking our cycle.. good bye cycle.. no?


video by faces of the common core group:


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Roger Schank (@rogerschank) tweeted at 5:40 AM – 7 Dec 2019 :
After 10 Years of Hopes and Setbacks, What Happened to the Common Core? it didn’t work? who knew? but it did work at preventing meaningful curriculum change (

let’s get back/to this common core: maté basic needs

no more supposed to’s.. of school/work.. keeping/perpetuating whales in sea world

what we need is eudaimoniative surplus.. fittingness