not impossible labs

not impossible labs

intro’d to them via the maker documentary.


Tony Tempt Van – Als

eye writer made for under $100

then for class at under $10

not impossible labs


Mick (founder of not impossible) at google jan 2015:

Mick Ebeling, “Not Impossible: The Art and Joy of Doing What Couldn’t Be Done” | Talks at Google

have a process: commit. then figure it out.

i love to surround myself with people who make me feel stupid.

8 min – talking eyewriter

ebeling slide on tempt

this was the launch for me of not impossible.. how can we take something that’s impossible for one person and make it possible..

you can’t name anything that was not impossible at one time… so impossible isn’t a question of if.. but of when

so… it’s about this sense of permission

once impossible becomes possible – it’s a sense of permission granted to everybody

15 min – talks Jack

it’s never about just one person

not impossible labs created to celebrate others doing incredible things

i spent most of my time trying to figure out how to get people to give me money rather than doing the things..

what happens if we got brands…  that would want to tell the same message, ie: something that’s really truly changing the world..

32 min – at not impossible labs.. our theory is not ip.. our theory is to give it away..


incite/provoke this type of (sharing) change

33 min – doing good is good business… but also good branding..  matching up with corps who can get the word out… corps that have massive megaphones

critical to this – the power of story – most people don’t have buffet/gates resources.. so you can’t attack things like hunger…

36 min – what’s your story.. and who is your one.. what’s that invention.. who’s your daniel.. help one.. help many


our titles: ‘what they do’… not impossible, ie: walk.. not impossible

we’re a story telling company – based on technology for the sake of humanity

short ness


lessig impossible law


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