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The DAO Moment, by @jgreenhall

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links to jan 2022 post.. The DAO Moment.. The new Alchemists.. by jordan (green)hall


We have reached a long awaited point in the unfolding evolution of the Bitcoin/blockchain/crypto/Web3 (“Web3”) ecosystem: the DAO moment.

dao ness.. daostack

In its simplest form, the DAO moment is the point at which the Web3 ecosystem turns its full attention on the problem space sometimes known as “governance” or “coordination.” More esoterically, it is the moment when the evolution of Web3 shifts from an unconscious, game theoretic, causal, “biological” process to a conscious evolutionary process.

jordan on web3

strictly insoluble using our current “problem solving” toolkit (i.e., are very bad news).

yeah that.. so let’s try something legit diff.. not more of the same song.. ie: org around legit needs

Historically, humanity has made use of three different tools (and their various admixtures) to solve problems. The first, oldest and primary, is our indigenous form of collaboration. ..small group of people working together closely, ..This tool is powerful and forms the foundation of all human problem solving. However, thus far it has been limited in its ability to scale.

well.. foundation of problem solving in sea world.. that’s why it’s limited in scale..

The other two tools more or less emerge to help us scale coordination: institutions and markets.

oi.. need to let go of any form of m\a\p if want the scale to be for all..

Institutions are formal, hierarchical and bureaucratic. They can (usefully) scale to tens of thousands .. solving and managing many different kinds of “complicated” problems like sending a man to the moon and back and extracting, refining and distributing gasoline around the world.


Markets make use of simple signaling mechanisms (i.e., money) to scale enormously (perhaps without limit) and unlock the vast “computational” capacity of whole populations. This allows them to solve problems far beyond the scope of institutions


These three tools have been combined and refined over the centuries to help humans address our problems (and, of course, to create entirely new ones). But we are now reaching the limit of their possibility. .. If we are to navigate the 21st Century in any orderly fashion, we need to find a new tool. It is possible that DAOs are the solution

tool we need: a means to undo our hierarchical listening.. so that we can org around legit needs.. so that we can actually all dance

Now is the time to become Promethean. To refine the essence of all that we have learned and hoped for and combine this in a crucible of conscious intent. In a word, to become DAO Alchemists.. The moment when Web3 becomes consciously self-governing in service of the whole.

if only.. but it’s not in service of whole if there is any form of m\a\p.. see jordan on web3 et al

For the critics: a rebuke. We are not designing an Nth generation messaging app or yet another new way to separate humanity from its soul (I’m looking at you Web2), we are endeavoring something extraordinary. We are trying to innovate an entirely new form of human coordination. And we are doing so in the degeneracy and tyranny of a dying civilization. We need *all of the help we can get. If you can help, by all means do so. Otherwise, get the fuck out of the way.

*love what you’re trying.. but won’t work if you legit what it to be for *all of us..

need: to org around legit needs.. but you can’t hear me/that.. just can hear your perspective (ie: still in sea world if any form of m\a\p)

By my read of the stars, we have, perhaps, two years before the rumble and shake of the larger context raises yet another octave. There is much to do and little time. I’m hard at work with my eyes on the Hunter’s Moon. More on that in due course. As for the rest of the “Invisible College,” good luck! I look forward to seeing what emerges

these are huge red flags.. ie: takes a lot of work ness.. when we already have the means for 8b people to leap (sans a lot of work.. so sans a lot of time.. if we let go enough for sans any form of m\a\p)

ie of not letting go enough: too much naming the colour .. blinding us softly with its song)

there’s a nother way