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Jane, reality is broken, and then poignant ted in 2012 – very resonating… huge impact on us …

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Jane McGonigal (born October 21, 1977) is an American game designer and author who advocates the use of mobile and digital technology to channel positive attitudes and collaboration in a real world context.

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tuesday, april 5, 2011

jane mcgonigal

from Reality is Broken:

p. 124:

To participate wholeheartedly in something means to be self-motivated and self-directed, intensely and genuinely enthusiastic. If we’re forced to do something, or if we do it halfheartedly, we’re not really participating. If we don’t care how it all turns out, we’re not really participating. If we’re passively waiting it out, we’re not really participating. And the less we fully participate in our everyday lives, the fewer opportunities we have to be happy. It’s that plain and simple.


friday, july 13, 2012

jane mcgonigal

top 5 regrets of the dying:
1. i wish i hadn’t worked so hard.
2. i wish i’d stayed in touch with my friends.
3. i wish i’d let myself be happier.
4. i wish i’d had the courage to express my true self.
5. i wish i’d lived a life true to my dreams, instead of what everyone else expected of me.
top 5 traits of post tramatic growth:  (we usually hear about post-tramatic stress disorder):
1. my priorities have changed, not afraid to do what makes me happy
2. i feel closer to my friends and family
3. i understand myself better, i know who i really am now
4. i have a new sense of meaning and purpose
5. i’m better able to focus on my goals and dreams
direct opposites.. no?
after playing her game – talked about feeling:
stronger and braver
better understood
happier is there a way to get the post traumatic growth traits w/o the trauma
four types of resilience to get to this post tramatic growth [first 4 super better quests]:
1. physical – not sit still for longer than an hour.. every second you don’t sit still you improve [crazy how school does the opposite]
2. mental – willpower like a muscle, tackling a tiny challenge w/o giving up – no matter how silly
3. emotional – experience 3 positive for every 1 negative
4. social – gratitude, touch even better, shaking hand for 6 seconds, raises level of oxitocyn – level of trust and wanting to help each other

people who regularly boost these live 10 yrs longer than everyone elseif you are regularly doing 3 to 1, never sitting still for longer than 1 hour at a time, reaching out to at least one person a day, tackling tiny goals to boost will power…Reality is broken, says Jane McGonigal, and we need to make it work more like a game. Her work shows us how.  (great read if you haven’t – reality is broken)__________infinite game for 4000+__________resonating with Kathleen Taylor (regrets):

#1 regret


friday, january 20, 2012


if i ask you to be more curious or to improve your tomorrow, but then tell you what about, i leave you little space to wow me.
if you think your job is to wow me, i leave you little space to do what matters to you.if i set you free, to do what matters to you, even if for a time, (long or short), even it appears you are doing nothing, i’m giving you the reins to the best life you have to offer the world. a life that doesn’t depend on pay, or praise. a life that craves hard work.
and then, you will most certainly dazzle us all with your brilliance.
never nothing

i realize this is too simple. but it is what it is.
i realize it’s too complicated, but that’s only because we’re not able to see with our hearts in order to wait     and trust more.

change can turn on a dime, because, amazing people are everywhere. today.
look around, breathe them in. they are two feet away. they are moons away.

all we need to do is quit managing them. we need to get out of the way.

there are experts everywhere telling people this. doing this.
one such expert of giving up the reins, letting the learner find their own burning problems, their own questions … is Ewan McIntosh. follow his lead if that resonates.
an expert in our abundance of cognition is Clay Shirky. talking to people is as simple as it gets, and it will make you as rich as it gets. follow his lead if that resonates.
Seth Godin constantly warns us to steer clear of the lizard brain, just do your thing.
Jason Fried models/suggests ways to rework your day, so that your hours matter.
Simon Sinek inspires us to start with why.
Carol Dweck offers us a new mindset, that actually craves failure, because that provides the best opportunities for growth and learning.
Yaacov Hecht offers experiences that show the benefit of listening without an agenda.
Richard Feynman danced to the pleasure of finding things out.
Lisa Gansky says we’ll have more if we share.

Jane McGonigal says we crave hard work.

James Bach advices to try to ignore something to see how much it matters to you.
Kevin Kelly tells us that tech wants to bring us together.
Roger Martin encourages us to respectfully acknowledge reliability-oriented thinking, and boldly move on after your dream.
Daniel Coyle shows us where deep practice takes you.
Seth Godin says if you find your art, if it’s your art, you’ll do almost anything to give it away.
Krishnamurti says, partial freedom is no freedom.
Illich begs us to question the publicly prescribed curriculum rather than working our tails of to improve the delivery of it.
Melia says, what matters most, is what i’m doing now.
Ray says, there is never nothing going on.
Armando says, do what you do.

yeah… and that’s just in my head. just right now.
look around.

change is simple.

let’s unleash the people.
it’s in them.
they are ready.


monday, march 22, 2010

super empowered hopeful individuals

Jane McGonigal on Ted – Gaming Can Make a Better World
games were invented during a time of famine… they invented dice games.
on one day everyone would eat
the next day everyone would play  (ignoring they had no food)
they survived 18 years
today – we’re getting what we need from games… we’re surviving
1:45 – urgent evoke


I think it would be very good to have a “if this keeps you up at night, try doing this locally” recommender.  – Jane tweet

great sentence for a quiet revolution..

what keeps you up – let’s hook you up with like locals..



What does #truth mean for you? Join #TEDxSkoll via #livestream from #Oxford as the truth and fiction meet whatislive.de/events/tedxsko… #TEDx

predicting how the past could have been diff.. come up w completely unimaginable experience

a nother way

when you can see it as a movie in your mind..if i gave you the opp would you take it? ..remembering the future

vividly imagining creates memory in mind..brain has easier time thinking it’s possible..realistic

social fiction

believe/imagine how future could be different

power to imagination

a nother way

hard empathy: make an imaginative leap..imagine how the rules we live by could become diff..triangle of what if

to make a difference literally means .. to make something different

don’t be limited by what seems normal/reasonable today

dator ridiculous law

martin be bold law

2017 – The future is dark (and that is a good thing) – TEDxSkoll

if we can’t see what the future will be.. then it can be anything .. until it actually happens..

it’s a waste of what the future is really good for.. to try to predict it..

the gift of the future is creativity

in order to make something new, or make a change, you have to be able to imagine how things can be different..

a nother way

the future is a place where everything can be different

important mental habit: always challenging what you think can and cannot change..

this kind of psychological flexibility gives you a powerful foundation for making change..

1\ predicting the past: how the present moment could have been diff.. shows us future could be diff too… when you can imagine yourself doing something really diff yesterday.. it gets easier to imagine yourself doing something really diff tomorrow..

2\ remembering the future: imagining as if had already happened

3\ hard empathy

any useful statement about the future should at first seem ridiculous – jim dator

dator ridiculous law

a nother way