jacqueline novogratz

jacqueline novogratz

interview by Katherine Keating of one-on-one for ideapod mar 2014:


[written in 2009]

we can all learn from acumen and the blue sweater

learning how to help others – is learning how to learn.jacqueline novogratz has learned so much – through helping so many. her insight is keen from experience. you can learn from her in talks like this one…. and books like this one….her ideas will not only continue to rid the world of true poverty – but also rid the world of other impoverished sectors, ie: public education.in her book, she tells a story of the blue bakery (ch 5). it could read as a how to manual…. for business, for ed…, for….in ch 12 jacqueline writes about the genocide, “if we have learned anything, it is the horror that can happen when people don’t think for themselves, but instead follow authority blindly.”
she writes about the potential technology is allowing for change in developing countries – like none other in history. but that the process of “helping” has to be completely redefined.
i can’t help but see a relation to education in these words.my biggest take away:
in helping others – not only do we learn what’s important – but we feel a sense of purpose and belonging – something we all crave. what jacqueline shares – is a way to make our giving – not only helpful to us – but helpful to the receiver. money is nice, it’s needed, it helps – but the true essence of helping others is empowering them to help themselves. so that they can then be about helping others. now there’s a cycle worth riding.
find a great summary of the blue sweater at readitfor.me.

NASA connections

We connected with Ron Garan via Jacqueline Novogratz’ Acumen site. Ron is taking her book, the Blue Sweater into space. The Blue Sweater has been a big influence in all that we are doing in the lab.

your job is not to be perfect, but only to be human
and nothing in life that matters happens without a cost

tilly olson – oh yes
better immersion than to live untouched

the most important things we do and spend our time on are the things we cannot measure

monsters exist in all of us, but maybe it’s not monsters but the broken parts of ourselves, sadness, shame
no group more vulnerable to those kinds of manipulations are young men
the most dangerous animal on the planet – the adolescent male

moral imagination

we have it all wrong when we think income is the link, what we yearn for is to be visible to each other

we need the audacity to believe – all men are created equal
and the humility to believe – we can’t do it alone

our lives are so short, and our time on this planet is so precious, and all we have is each other.


as i keep up on all that this lady does, esp via acumen fund, … i’m blown away.

graphic below takes you straight to acumen site. [link here to find more on acumen on this site]

acumen new site

when i keep up on all we spend on ed, but in ways that never reach kids or learning.. i’m blown away.

from her latest letter:

When preparing for the West Africa launch, I came across the following quote by Ghana’s founding President, Kwame Nkrumah. He stated in his Christmas Eve address in 1957:
“We shall measure our progress by the improvement in the health of our people; by the number of children in school, and by the quality of their education; by the availability of water and electricity in our towns and villages, and by the happiness which our people take in being able to manage their own affairs.  The welfare of our people is our chief pride, and it is by this our Government will ask to be judged.”
In this, President Nkrumah could have written Acumen Fund’s mission statement. We cannot and must not allow ourselves to be controlled by capital but must instead control it as a tool to better humankind.  We aim to build a global community of companies and individuals with a shared vision of a single world in which all may flourish and we will not stop until we have succeeded.  Thank you, always, for being a part of it.

we know better.
let’s boldly change things up for good.

take a listen to this feature by

WTF (what the future) – choice not charity episode
so much to learn from this amazing lady – @jnovogratz

so very happy Jacqueline and The Blue Sweater and Acumen Fund
are the focus of one of the classes created by my students ….

i learned so much about school in reading the blue sweater.. and here she goes again
saying –
people (teachers/students/parents) just need the obstacles removed… they don’t need people to do it for them. {i know she’s talking about africa.. but dang – if we can do the same with ed in the us alone – how different the world would be – for the people by the people.}

patient capital.


Jacqueline Novogratz on how to recognize a linchpin from Seth Godin onVimeo.

what i needed to hear from Jacqueline…
the ones that aren’t satisfied with the answers they’re given…
then ones that aren’t waiting for their marching orders…
the blue sweater… a testament to being a linchpin..
married to Chris Anderson
Jacqueline speaking at Skoll World Summit 2013


5:43 – making capital work for us not control us

8:23 – jp morgan – a trillion going in – [yup – esp if we redefine public ed]

12 min – reading acumen’s new manifesto – the audacity to imagine the world as it could be

14:18 – we are each others’ destiny

why outside


moral imagination:

Moral imagination is: the willingness to respond to the plight of others. To envision how to address suffering and injustice.#moralimagination

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The Economist (@TheEconomist) tweeted at 4:37 AM – 7 Jan 2019 :
An increased focus on preschool education helps women get back to work, with the added benefit of boosting GDP https://t.co/vYxEyxBB2N (http://twitter.com/TheEconomist/status/1082239834171891713?s=17)

The early years are getting increasing attention

matters little if our focus is still gdp, earning a living, et al..

dang jacqueline

t turner elementary school in south-east Washington, dc, about 15 well-turned-out five-year-olds sit on a mat in an immaculate classroom, bellowing out an uplifting song about being ready for school and listening to the teacher. Then they act out little scenes about being good citizens, sharing and helping others. They are having fun, but of a *well-controlled sort.

*voluntary compliance.. manufacturing consent

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Jacqueline Novogratz (@jnovogratz) tweeted at 6:55 AM – 10 May 2019 :
A venture might fail. But the venture isn’t the same as the dream towards which you are working. You might have to try something else. But don’t think small. Be audacious.
Ideas worth living for take a whole lifetime or longer to achieve. Plant the seeds anyway. (http://twitter.com/jnovogratz/status/1126833018801356801?s=17)


Jacqueline Novogratz (@jnovogratz) tweeted at 10:59 AM on Sat, Aug 31, 2019:
What if we measured true success not by the amount of money you have but by the amount of human energy you unlock, the amount of potential you enable? If that were our metric, our world would be a different place.

perhaps it’s the measuring that does the locking..
imagining if we truly unlocked ourselves.. we’d see how cancerous/irrelevant measuring/metrics are
out may 5 2020
Change the World by Jacqueline Novogratz


It’s too easy to say capitalism is so broken that we need to just destroy it, or that simply restarting the economy is the answer. Staying squarely on either side negates the creative and generative potential of learning to use the best of markets and not be controlled by them. https://t.co/2JEoUjhvj0

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we need to let go of money (any form of measuring/accounting).. it’s keeping us from us

ie: 10 day care centers

we have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity– Luma Mufleh


As we reimagine our systems to build back better, we would do well to learn from the wisdom of ancient traditions and take what serves our modern world that is so interdependent and entangled. We are each other’s destiny. https://t.co/3vHLVnSxym#moralimagination
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let’s not reimagine our systems (econ, ed, health, et al)

let’s use this rare global pause to reset/reimagine ourselves around organism as fractal (org around living systems rather than made-up/mechanical/measured/oppressive ones)

let go of the things you think you have to cling to

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If we put our shared humanity at the center of systems and focused on the dignity of work and contribution, we could do away with mass incarceration and build stronger individuals, families and nations https://t.co/HOcMgDK1Je
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dignity ‘worthy of honor respect

‘dignity of work and contribution’ .. part of the poison

we need to let go of ‘telling people what to do‘ in order to be ‘worthy’

ie: cure ios city

humanity at center


There are no easy solutions in a world besieged by poverty, inequality and climate change. Do we have the audacity to imagine a different future? That kind of audacity has driven a new generation to build technologies that changed the way humans interacted across the globe.
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ie: cure ios city

easier than we might think..

if we had legit audacity (willingness to take bold risks)

we’re working too hard by not being bold/imaginative enough


“Love is not generosity alone and must be matched equal measure with accountability.” Powerful message from @jnovogratz @Acumen @globalintraweek #GIW2021 https://t.co/Pm0HJas0TM

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oh my..

accountable ness.. huge red flag.. not love

let go of any form of m\a\p