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”There’s just such a disconnect between the older generation, these wise thought leaders, and the young generation.”

The series of 52 five-minute interviews will launch as part of the Huffington Post’s new publication, the World Post, of which Ms Keating, 32, is a contributing editor.

The focus of One on One, which will have exposure to the news site’s 90 million monthly viewers, is to produce change-creating evergreen content, using a melting pot of serious thinkers from politics, arts, music and business.

I want the philosopher with the musician with the rapper with the director,” she says at a cafe near the Potts Point home of her father, former prime minister Paul Keating. ”That’s the only way it’s going to stay relevant … Young people might not want to hear what George Soros has to say, but if you couple him with Lady Gaga.

“Dad hasn’t helped at all in this series, but he has in some ways been the inspiration for it. Every time I sit down with him, he feeds me knowledge, and I wish I had a tape recorder or video camera.”


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Having built the perfect life, Paul Keating’s daughter faces a reputation-defining decision over her connection to sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein.


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