ivan poupyrev

ivan poupyrev

[sf bay area]

intro’d to ivan via project soli (he’s the founder of it)

capturing capabilities of human hand…

using twitches of human hand to interact with wear ables et al

interpreting human intent

unless you do it.. you don’t know..

can shrink entire radar and put on tiny chip.. extremely reliable..



“Beyond Gadgets: Interactive Everything” – Solid 2014 Keynote

at sony – building gadgets.. but now.. whole world becomes a gadget… how to interact with entire world.. not just gadget.. how to make entire world interactive..

experimented with this in disneyworld

need people free for that.. let’s do this first

1 min – we have to give senses to the world and do it noninvasively

5 min  – 2\ have to generate power locally… w/o batter/wires.. very important for i of t

7 min – 3\ make invisible displays


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I research interactive technologies and interface design. My job is to come up with new ideas, concepts and research directions. Some of these ideas have become real products, others inspired new research directions, while many others simply satisfy my curiosity.

I am currently directing a technical program at Google ATAP and was at Disney and Sony before that. Please, see my bio for more details. You can also check recent news on my blog.


app chip ness

deep/simple/open enough – a nother way

wear able ness