project soli

intro’d to project soli here (shared by Bernd and Monica on fb):

This chip is actually a miniature gesture radar that captures even the most complex hand movements at close range, at unbelievably hyper speeds and replicates hand gestures. Given the micro size of the chip, it can almost be fitted into literally anything. This technology, if the project is successful, can make the need to touch a device to operate it redundant.

intro video:

Published on May 29, 2015

Project Soli is developing a new interaction sensor using radar technology. The sensor can track sub-millimeter motions at high speed and accuracy. It fits onto a chip, can be produced at scale and built into small devices and everyday objects.

capturing capabilities of human hand…

using twitches of human hand to interact with wear ables et al

interpreting human intent

unless you do it.. you don’t know..

can shrink entire radar and put on tiny chip.. extremely reliable..

founder – Ivan Poupyrev

app/chip ness

wear able ness