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intro’d to George via his 2016 ted@ibm: The next step in nanotechnology:

..we were never able to translate that science into new techs .. that could actually impact people..these double-edged sword..small size also makes them impossible to work with…just don’t have tools small enough to work with them. we don’t have any disease-fighting elevators to space & thing i’m most interested new types of computing

..our group’s mission is to innovate by employing carbon nanotubes..tiny hollow tubes of carbon atoms..nanoscale small size gives rise to outstanding electronic properties…like skipping through several technology generations in just one step

..what are we not doing but needs to be done..statue has to build itself..we have to find a way to *compel/convince bns of these particles to assemble selves into the tech ..we can’t do it for them. 

like hosting-life-bits toward/via rev of everyday life ie: 7 bn people *compelled/convinced to assemble themselves into the tech.. via self-talk as data .. as the day [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]

..this is not that alien of a problem..we/people just don’t build anything this way.. but there’s ies everywhere..mother nature builds everything this way.

we all need to become indigenous

everything is built from the bottom up. ..nature’s not crude like us just hacking away..she’s elegant/smart..building with what’s available..molecule by molecule, making structures with a complexity and a diversity that we can’t even approach..and she’s already at the nano..been there for years we decided to use same tool nature uses: chemistry.,the missing tool. ..because these nanoscale objects are about same size as we can use them to steer these objects around..much like a tool

..computing is just one ie. .others in renewable energy/medicine/structural materials, where the science is going to tell you to move towards the nano..that’s where biggest benefit is..but if going to do that..scientists..need new tools..and they will need chemistry..that’s the point..once you develop these new tools..they’re out there..and anyone anywhere can pick them up and use them and help deliver on promise of nanotech

let’s go deeper – let’s go ginorm small.. a nother way

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake


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Scientist at IBM Research, Adj. Prof. at Columbia U., Dad

 Dr. George Tulevski received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Columbia University in 2006.  He was hired as a Research Staff Member at IBM’s TJ Watson Research Laboratory in 2008 where he currently works in the carbon nanoelectronics research group.  He has co-authored over 40 journal publications and 30 patents in his field and is the recipient of numerous IBM technical awards.

Dr. Tulevski is also an Adjunct Professor in the Electrical Engineering department at Columbia University where he teaches a course on emerging nanoelectronic devices.