fred branson

fred branson

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3/3/16 11:31 AM
@NeighborhoodCtr @CajunAngela You may like to see our #TEDx talk – another take on the strengths
@AmantaniUK @NeighborhoodCtr Pity is poison to potential.

tedxoxford – Why The Poor Don’t Deserve Your Pity – aug 2015

is pity one of our less desirable emotions..?  i suggest we stop using pity to raise funds.. rather use media and tech to build more meaningful connections


3 min – i started to realize that the main currency charities were using in exchange for their donations was pity… these funds come at a cost to society that isn’t been accounted for… what org’s gain in funds.. poor communities lose in dignity, empowerment, voice…

pity distorts our perception of life in developing communities.. pity leads to improper relationships (kant in 1700s) ..because it exposes a hierarchy in that relationships..

when we look at communities/human-beings this way.. we’re looking at and defining them by their problems w/o looking at potential on the other side… we turn human beings into victims.. we de humanize them… we promote the idea that communities don’t have the capacities to solve their own problems..  and that we in west must single handedly solve..

when you look at us.. perhaps one’s who need fixing most.. no?

not as passive victims deserving of our pity.. but powerful agents of change…

so .. started.. meet my world… children making videos teaching others about their culture et al skills ie’s:  build oven from mud; plow land w/bulls;.. 

imagine.. things that could help us all..

by asking children to be teachers and donors to be students… changed up everything..

9 min – ie of uri – how to catch fish w/bare hands


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An award-winning organisation that works to defend the rights of indigenous Quechua children in the Andes of Peru. Home to



let’s do this firstfree art-ists… for (blank)’s sake

a nother way via self talk as data (imagine scaling these videos.. in order to make 7 billion plus connections everyday.. as the day)