angela blanchard

angela blanchard

[houston, tx]

intro’d to Angela at bif 6 (?) – adding page when Deb and Sandy share this about neighorhood centers:

“Neigh­bor­hood Cen­ters goes where we are in­vited to go, and we do what we are asked to do,” reads the group’s web­site. The idea is to fig­ure out what works and how to build on it, not to look for prob­lems, a some­what unique mis­sion in the non­profit world.


An­gela Blan­chard, an el­eg­ant, straight-talk­ing force of nature in this part of the world, has been at the helm of the or­gan­iz­a­tion for the past two dec­ades.


“Des­pair is very ex­pens­ive,” she said over din­ner one even­ing at a quiet res­taur­ant in the trendy Mon­trose neigh­bor­hood dur­ing a can­did con­ver­sa­tion peppered with de­light­fully un­ex­pec­ted but ex­pertly em­ployed swear words.


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jan 2016

If I were to rewire my brain to be a constant learner how would I begin? What exercises would I do to have a “fit and healthy” brain?

perhaps .. free yourself from supposed to’s and trust your curiosity…



Terrorism is a virus. Infection is world wide. Defeating a virus depends upon strengthening our immune system. How can we do that?


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Saul Kaplan (@skap5) tweeted at 6:42 AM – 15 Oct 2017 :

So grateful for @CajunAngela in my life, on the BIF Board, & coming to RI! Be still my heart. Read this: (

What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment as CEO? What will be your legacy?
I hate this question. All accomplishments are temporary. And nothing is accomplished alone. I’m not interested in legacies. I don’t even like what I did a year ago — so i have no interest in preservation of projects. The past is a book already written — and it’s lessons are available to us if we will practice humble reflection.

Out to Change the World. Born for Storms.